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If you've ever seen St. Brigid in Aran Knitting, you might recall what I was after here. The model is standing in a cemetery -- beautiful Celtic tombstones in the background. She has her arms wrapped about herself, and her eyes are closed. She has a somewhat serene look on her face. I could not pull that off -- I was way too amped.

I'm going to do that photo someday...

I could not be happier with this sweater. It's comfortable to wear and it's pretty much turned out just as I'd hoped. There is plenty of ease without looking huge; it's substantial, but not too heavy or warm. I have a new favorite!

Edited on Jan. 4, 2006: I've made another photo album called "St. Brigid II," visible on the "Blog Links" page, with many close-ups of the fabric (with ruler!).