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Miss-ter Dashwood

Miss-ter Dashwood

A variation on the Miss Dashwood pattern (see above).
Sugar & Cream cotton, baby blue variegated yarn
US 6 straight and double-pointed needles
Started Mar. 6; completed Mar. 7

This was an attempt to make a more manly version. Did I succeed? I think it could easily be worn by either, though if I were to try "manly" again, I'd make the brim less ruffly.

Using a straight needle, I cast on 162 stitches, working the "stockinette stitch T twist" from "Knitting On The Edge," by Nicky Epstein (working 4 rows before twisting rather than 6). I worked stockinette for about an inch, then decreased by K3tog, K1 across. I purled one row before working two repeats of the "basket rib border," also from Epstein's book. The stitches were then transferred to DPNs and joined, and the crown of the hat was worked as the original (and still so beautiful) Miss Dashwood. The brim was seamed afterwards; I didn't knit earflaps and will use ribbon for ties.