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Caryl's "Kershawl"

Caryl's "Kershawl"

An adaptation of Caryl's Kerchief, in which one just keeps knitting 'til the yarn runs out

Hand-dyed sportweight wool from Red Barn Farm, "Pansy" color, unknown yardage, on US7 Addi Natura circular
Started Aug. 24, completed (that is, it was off the needles) Sept. 5, 2005.

There are a few "design features," most notably an off-center jog of the last repeat because I must have mis-marked the center stitch. I had to tink back the very, very long cast-off row and rip back an additional row because I ran out of yarn. I had pulled off what I thought was sufficient yarn for the cast-off, considering that I wasn't using beads, but NOT considering that I'd made it shawl size, not kerchief size. I hesitated for five minutes, considered Dad's invitation to raid the closet for whatever close-match wool sweater I could find that would give me the needed inches -- it wasn't much more than just inches -- but I knew I had to rip and re-do, so I slipped the stitches off the needle. No turning back then...

I love it. I have more of the same yarn, in a color called "Black Cherry," which I intend to make into something similar.