Out back


This is at the back of the antique mall, which used to be an old mill.  I always seem to drive back there whenever we go -- forgetting that there's no rear entrance and it's not really designated for parking, so I'm usually just turning it around.  I love it back there though.

We had to go back there yesterday to load up the furniture purchase and I exclaimed, "Oh, I love the back of your building!"  I was met with blank stares and a "To each his own" by the owner/manager/employees.  I took pictures.

Awesome busy day

Mack's first piano recital was so worth the getting up early and the long drive.  Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star... with color-coded stickers on the keys... so.worth.it!

We had a little pizza for lunch, some visiting -- the weather was MARVELOUS -- I delivered some portraits, and then we (Katie, Mom & I) decided to run over to the antique mall.  It's a really nice mall and someone usually finds something -- it's better for the checking account if we don't visit too often.

Well, guess what?  We found something!!  (I totally found it, pointed it out to her...)  There's a new apartment to decorate, you know.  Katie's taste, style, sensibility is TOTALLY different -- not better, not worse, just her own -- and it's so much fun because we get to scope for completely different stuff.  Photos will be forthcoming, but some descriptors for now:  table and chairs, red and black, lucite and laminate.

I didn't get any photos of Addison today.  He was wearing the made-to-order Wonderful Wallaby that I made for Mack a couple of years ago -- the one with a truck on the front! 

Friday with randomness and recently posted but still relevant eye candy

I've knit two very successful projects (IMHO -- I love them, anyway) in the Opal Hundertwasser sock yarn with which I am so enamored, but I believe I may have met my match.  I have tried a few different projects with the current color, Wartende Hauser ("Waiting Houses) -- what's not to love? there's a ton of orange and the "a" in Hauser is supposed to have an umlaut.  But oh!  NO!  I don't think this too often, but the phrase "clown barf" keeps coming to mind -- not a good thing when knitting ANYTHING!

So, time out for that project.

After a bit of a search, I finally relocated the instructions and charts for Addison's Christmas stocking, but there was neither yarn nor needles in the vicinity.  I've had at least two unsuccessful starts on that project already (a year ago) and thought I stuffed it all as a unit someplace to chill -- the name looking like complete crap because of my being challenged in the colorwork department.  Anyway, I couldn't find a project bag or even the correct colors in the box containing the Lamb's Pride stash (a very vague memory of using it for something else), and the LYS didn't have the right shades on the shelf, either, so I bought Cascade 220 instead -- his won't match Mack's stocking exactly.  But that's OK!  I say so.

I wound the yarn on Saturday, did some quick calculating last night, cast on at the start of (dvr'd) Grey's, and have nearly finished the name section.  Oh my.  Do I love Cascade 220, or what?  I like Lamb's Pride a lot, too, but even with my deficiencies in technique it's looking pretty darn great!!  I'm really glad to have this project underway.

Even though I knew the floor in Katie's apartment was going to be done yesterday, I was SHOCKED when I stopped by last night on my way home.  The entire floor is a lovely, light-colored terrazzo -- neglected for more than a decade, the worst part was a formerly carpeted room where the pad had been glued down.  How to remove the glue without ruining the floor?  I don't know what he ended up using -- it smelled a lot like Goo Gone -- not unpleasant, but... do they make that stuff in industrial strength?  Powerful!  The floor is absolutely GORGEOUS!!  It has a wonderful, warm sheen -- and she's started to pull furniture in off the porch.  The new cookware was all unpacked and on the kitchen counter.  So fun.

I stopped by the coffee shop last night, too.  Ali had a holiday "Tasting Event" -- new beverages and seasonal treats -- plus pre-ordering of gift baskets/boxes (yay, bunch of stuff crossed off my gift list!).  Mom was there with a group of friends -- some of them knitters -- and she was wearing her new Noro Entrelac Scarf.

I'm sorry to show it again so soon -- I had no time for photos last night.  Everyone was amazed that there weren't any half-green/half-blue "squares" (or whatever).  Well, there are... and there aren't; the color changes are so very subtle (except when they're very abrubt)!!  I'd love to knit another of these, maybe in Silk Garden Lite.

I'm so glad it's Friday.  I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning.  DH is in Madison (MMoCA Holiday Art Fair at the Overture Center this weekend), so I had early morning dog-walking duty for the first time in a long time.  There was no country music serenade, nor cacaphony of barking -- we must have caught them all unawares.  Anyway, I'm looking forward to sleeping in a little bit tomorrow.  Happy Weekend!

Thankful Thursday III

I am so thankful for these two little boys.

I get to get my grandma thing on and don't even have to be one!!  Yet.  I am looking forward to being one -- one day -- and sometimes I feel like I just can't wait another minute!  But, of course, I can.  Meanwhile, I'm the luckiest auntie who's not a grandma in the whole wide world.

This weekend, the first piano recital!!

Noro Entrelac Scarf

An FO!!  I started out making Colonnade with this Silk Garden yarn, but that was just not meant to be.  I tore it all out and decided to try something new -- Allison LoCicero's Ravelry Entrelac Scarf.

Washed and blocked and everything!  I loved making this -- my first-ever entrelac project (but, already, not the last) and loved the colorway.  My mom loved it, too, so I gave it to her.

Went out shopping and lunching today.  I didn't buy a thing, just watched.  Katie scored a very nice starter set of cookware at Macy's (One Day Sale!) and a few other gadgets, which we then dropped at her apartment.  She'd intended to do some major moving today, but it turns out the floors won't be done 'til tomorrow, so... next week, I guess.  Lunch was at a newly opened Italian bistro called Carmella's and it was wonderful!  "I'll be back!"

Ten Things

Today's "Ten On Tuesday" theme is "10 Things You Wish You Knew How To Do."  I'm having a problem with this because every time I think of something, I also think that if I really wanted to know how to do it, I'd just learn how to do it and then I wouldn't have to wish anymore.  It's a bit of a conundrum.  Unless I followed Carole's lead and went all fantastical about it and, in that case, I wouldn't change much.

So how about just 10 Things on Tuesday -- which might make tomorrow's Random Wednesday seem a little like deja vu, but we'll worry about that tomorrow.  I'm living for today.

1.  Nothing makes me happier in the morning than a good, fresh, strong cup of coffee.  We've been brewing Alterra's Dark Sumatra Gayoland, which Ali carries at the coffee shop, for the past several months.  DH is usually the morning brewmaster, and has struggled with being consistent day-to-day -- I will admit, almost ashamedly, that I have been grumpy about the coffee on occasion.  Well, I am happy to report that I think he's found his coffee groove!  It's been terrific!!

2.  I stop at the coffee shop every morning on my way to work.  I never get coffee (see #1), except to refill my bag for home, but sometimes I do get a cuppa tea or some juice to go -- a muffin, a ProBar (usually only on Zumba days), and/or some dark chocolate.

3.  This morning, I couldn't resist the cookies -- some new ones that I've only sampled before, she'll also be using them in gift baskets/boxes.  Savory Green Tea Panels today -- a little package of three with a side of almonds for breakfast.  Yum.

4.  After a bit of a hiatus, and one or two false starts, I'm back at Zumba -- twice a week is good.  I still need to get better shoes.

5.  I watched Brothers & Sisters on Sunday for the first time in quite a while.  I'd read that Gilles Marini had a role -- I never watched Sex & The City, but I am a fan of Dancing With The Stars and he was pretty compelling competitor (say that three times fast!) last season -- so I tuned in and, obviously, wasn't surprised to see Gille Marini!  I was surprised to see FRITZY cheating on BRENDA with SALLY FIELD, though!  Heheheee.  Yeah.

6.  When I'm alone at work I don't lock the door when I go to the bathroom.  For no good reason, I'm afraid that the door knob will fall apart or jam and I won't be able to get out.  Plan B: If I accidentally lock the door and something happens, I have noticed that the hinges are on "my" side and I could pop them in a pinch.  I've fallen short of actually looking for what type of "tool" I'd use to pop those hinges -- or procuring and/or actually stashing one -- I'm thinkin' I'd be doing my best MacGyver in that unlikely situation.

7.  The door knob malfunctioned on the bathroom door at the coffee shop a few weeks ago with Ali inside.  Luckily, she was not alone.  (New door knob has been procured and installed.)

8.  See???  There is a good reason.  It can HAPPEN!  Not so dumb.

9.  I thought I'd found a pretty cool scarf pattern to use up one of the two Hundertwasser yarns I've got kicking around -- it's not working out, though, and now I'm floundering with too many other yarn/pattern choices.

9.b.  I saw the Interweave Knits Winter 2009 Preview yesterday and immediately signed in on Ravelry to fave Nora's Sweater -- it's on the mag's cover, but not yet on Rav.  I think I'll be havin' a sweater on the needles soon!

10.  I meant to say so earlier than this, but I was so happy to read about your vacuum cleaners and thank you all so much for sharing!  I still have not decided on a "new" one, but I did manage a quick look at my local sew/vac repair shop the other day and was a little bit taken with an old Princess canister machine -- still need to do some testing, though.

Ink'd (not me)

Rules of the house dictated that Maddy wait 'til her 18th birthday before getting her first tattoo.  On that very day, she was there getting this:

A few weeks ago, she was in the chair again.

Her own design, incorporating some of my sister's ditz work -- as did Katie's (from some bowls I have -- so they coordinate with each other and the place settings).

Maddy was home unexpectedly over the weekend, so photo op yesterday afternoon -- even though it was a little bit chilly.  Nice for the middle of November!

I had a pretty good weekend.  Didn't get as much done around home as I'd have liked, but some -- unpacked a box of books in my bedroom, started cleaning out the big craft cupboard upstairs (the only one to do up there yet), and washed and blocked some knitting projects.  I did some fun stuff -- the knitting thing on Saturday afternoon, meeting and photographing my friend Ann's brand new baby on Sunday morning.

And cooking!  I made a nice dinner on both Saturday and Sunday nights -- and on Sunday, we had a full house at the table.  So nice.  It was so wonderful using my new, big, nonstick-covered skillet!  I made Chicken Pad Thai on Saturday and a chicken and pasta dish with sun-dried tomatoes and broccoli on Sunday.  Both recipes were from the Flat Belly Cookbook.  Yum.


Yep, there's actual knitting content -- and more to come later in the week!

I spent a few hours in a room with over 100 knitters yesterday, listening to a presentation on knitting activism and charitable knitting given by Alison Gates (more here).  Now, I've knitted with and been in large groups of knitters before -- at classes, retreats and festivals -- this is the first time I've knitted with such a large group that was overwhelmingly local, within a 60-mile radius or so.  Original expectations for attendees at this event numbered in the 20s, when the guest list swelled to 120, there was some scrambling to be done to accommodate us all.  Luckily, there was room at the inn -- the building that houses the Atlas Coffee -- in an unused portion undergoing renovations.

Interestingly, other than personnel from Iris Fine Yarns, I knew only two others in the group.  Some photos...


That's Phyllis, above, owner of Iris.  I didn't get a good photo of Alison -- she was wearing a headset/microphone and wasn't too comfortable with it (but she really needed to use it so we could hear her!).

Iris will be putting together a list of "who we knit for."  I had the opportunity to talk up the Orphan Foundation of America and The Red Scarf Project.  There were lots of knitters for homeless, hospital and domestic abuse causes -- mostly local -- I was encouraged that there was recognition of The Red Scarf in the room!

And, I started a new "red" scarf!!

Happy Sunday.  I'm off to meet a new baby!

Eye Candy Friday

Last weekend was likely our last of the year at the lake.  We've had some memorable winter visits over the years, even celebrating Christmas there a couple of times.

As fun as it is to get away, I am very much looking forward to a weekend at home.  I have plenty of work/cleaning/organizing to do.  And I'm sure Katie could use some help.  The floors at her apartment (including a stinky process for carpet glue removal) will be done on Monday!  She plans to be completely moved in by Thanksgiving and, even with a few days for airing out, I think she'll easily make that deadline!

I may or may not have a tiny new baby in my viewfinder at some point this weekend -- very exciting -- and it's been a while.

On Saturday afternoon, I'll be attending a special event sponsored by my LYS, Iris Fine Yarns.  "Changing the World with Sticks and String: Knitting Activism Past, Present and Future" will be presented by Alison Gates, Associate Professor, Arts and Visual Design/Textiles Chair, Women's and Gender Studies, UW-Green Bay.  There's a link to a PDF with more information on the Iris Special Events page (click on "Registration Required") -- and, by the way, if you're local and think you might like to attend, registration for this free event is required (registration deadline was last Saturday, but I doubt they'd turn anyone away).

I'd sure like to cook something this weekend -- the girls gave me a gigantic covered skillet for my birthday and I've yet to use it!  I've wanted one for years, and even more with all the cooking I was doing recently (until VERY recently).

Well, I'll be back tomorrow -- doin' this NaBloPoMo thing, you know!



I am thankful for my three sisters and for my brother.  I am thankful that we can talk often or not, laugh or cry, argue and fight, and that we bounce back every time.  I am thankful that, so far, we've managed to keep speaking to each other.  Generally.

I'm thankful that we make time for each other -- and live close enough to each other, presently, to get together often.

I'm thankful for determination and hard work, neurosurgeons and oncologists and nurses of all sorts, and for good thoughts and wishes and prayers and knitted blankets.


So far this year, November has been way better than October in the weather department.  It's a little hard to believe that Thanksgiving is in a couple of weeks and that Christmas is comin'.  I know that Christmas is comin' because commercials don't lie and my mailbox is filling with catalogs.  'Tis the season.


We walked down and traipsed through the abandoned and deteriorating cabins at the old Hiawatha Resort. 


I stopped at a gas station in Wausau on my way up north on Friday -- a terrific Mom & Pop place that's definitely on my list.  It's nice to know where the good ones (i.e., clean bathrooms) are.  I found another on the way home -- looking for the first, but being distracted as well as having picked the wrong exit -- it's nice to know there are two!  Anyway, on the way up I bought some water and a Diet Coke and a bag of nut clusters because I was a little hungry.  I went out to my car and smartly decided to open the bag of nuts while still parked rather than wrestling with it while driving.  I pulled and pulled and pulled and could NOT get that bag open -- at all, I couldn't break that seal even one little bit!  This has been happening more and more with all sorts of sealed packaging -- or it opens, but splits WIDE open or spills or splatters.  Ugh.  I am strong as an ox, but I don't have a grip anymore!  I think I'll get a little scissors -- maybe foldable -- to carry with me all the time.  I actually went back inside and asked to have the bag cut open.

Plop, plop, fizz, fizz

...oh, what a relief it is!  a) It was the same old oncologist -- she's actually very young and, while there's something to be said for a fresh set of eyes and a different perspective, no one was unhappy with the way things were.  b) (for BEST) My sister's tumors have either shrunk or stayed the same!  The clock has been reset once again.

Random celebratory sunshine photo.

Thank you!  Keep those good thoughts.

All that remains is the faces and the names

When I heard this song on the radio yesterday, I knew I'd have to post it today.  Thirty-four years ago today, the Edmund Fitzgerald was lost -- it was my senior year at a small high school in far northern Wisconsin, not far from "the big lake."  To my ear, this is one of the best songs ever written.

* * * * *

Well, apologies, but I'm still catching up.  What was I doing?  Where was I going??  What am I in the middle of???  How many thousands of emails and blog posts behind am I (I think I'll be hittin' the "mark all as read" button today)?  There's a zillion old things in the hopper with a couple of new wrenches tossed in... *sigh*

Good thoughts, wishes and prayers for my sis today... she's meeting with a new (not by choice) oncologist... the support group is, by her request, lighter than it's been so... anyway...


Is it Friday yet?

Ha!  I had a great weekend away -- the weather, the company, the food -- couldn't have been better.  I am really looking forward to spending next weekend at home, though.

A couple of photos will have to do today... I've got lots of catching up to do!

No trip to the lake is complete without a pic of the deer across the road.

Mike and his dog, Sam, below.

No one was around when I arrived on Friday, so I unpacked my car and put stuff away, then settled in with my knitting.  Michael came in -- he'd arrived earlier but had gone to get worms.  He gave me a little woolly lamb made of sherpa with a ceramic base and face -- he and his wife thought of me when they found it -- and told me that Sam had shown great interest.  I set it on the table next to me as we continued talking.  Sharon and Ann came in and I noticed some white fluffy stuff and broken bits of ceramic on the rug as the commotion of their arrival died down ... little sheepy remains!


I slipped on shoes (no socks) and a lined denim shirt (over my nightgown), grabbed my camera and ran outside this morning as Michael went out with a thermos full of coffee and his dog for a little fishing.  It was a little frosty, but I didn't really notice 'til I got back inside.  Then, I stood at the patio door with my own cup of coffee and watched a young buck travel east through the front yard, crossing paths with a glorious red fox heading west.  Pretty neat.

Carrying on

Still partying!!  Heh.  I'm up north with my sibs, so writing this today (Nov. 6th) to post tomorrow (Nov. 7th), just in case I don't have internet... NaBloPoMo waits for no man or woman to finish their cake.

The twins are in this photo -- Michael was just wee and Annie wasn't even a twinkle yet.  I trust you'll be able to pick them out of the crowd, we three being our mother's children and all.

Carry on!

They say it's my birthday


"Vicki and friends in Marshfield," ca. Nov. 6, 1959 (first birthday)

And it is!  I don't know what to say about my birthday this year.  Last year was the big 5-0 and I had made a lot of changes in my 50th year in this world -- sort of continued along that path in my 51st, though with perhaps a little less gusto.  Still... continuing, going, growing, moving, changing, learning, exploring, doing... as long as I'm doing those things, the years don't really matter.

Eat cake (in moderation)!

Thankful Thursday

I jumped all over it when Carole wrote me last week about Thankful Thursdays in November -- perfect lead-in to Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays -- except for the Thursday part and often having to work on the Friday after part -- nothing to do but be thankful, cook, and share a meal.

I came across this photo, taken last Thanksgiving with Christmas cards in mind.  I do believe it's one of my favorite photos of all time -- the whole series is wonderful -- makes me smile and laugh while my nose tingles and tears spring to my eyes -- the best kind.

Everybody jump?

I am thankful for my family, of course.  My husband.  Those three girls.

R at the tip of the Door

Goin' on 25 years.  Amazing.

Katie's Malabrigo Scarf

Katherine is seeing the light at the end of the painted tunnel.  She's off today and hoping to finish up the painting of her new apartment; she even talked about moving some boxes!  We've been working so hard and so long and waiting, waiting, waiting and now it's time -- and all of a sudden it hit me that it's really happening!


Alison has had an amazing year, taking over management of the coffee shop she worked at when she was in high school in February, and finalizing the purchase of same in October.  Can I just say YAY for City Hall?  I don't always want to say YAY for City Hall, but it really wouldn't have happened without their help and support -- for all the right reasons. 

M is for Maddy

Late last night Madeleine updated her facebook status, posting a photo of an amazing drawing and writing, "I skipped English to cure my art urge. Time well spent."  While I can't really approve of the skipping so much, I had no choice but to "Like"!  I trust this girl to know when and how to feed her soul, to do what is right, when and where and why and who and how.

All of them, really.

Trust.  Love.  Respect.

I am thankful.

Random Wednesday

Starting with a random photo from the "Morning Walk" folder inside the "Pictures" folder on my computer.  Taken a few months ago while walking Mickey, our beagle, this is the "railing" on a small, old railroad bridge -- the railbed has been converted to a walking path.  The perspective and overall composition of this photo seems familiar.  Hm...

I have a birthday breakfast date with the hubs on Friday.  I'm not sure where, but somewhere between home and the art supply shop in Green Bay where we'll pick up the frame for the photo above and choose the mat(s)!

When I walked into the downstairs bathroom for the first time last night, I immediately noticed my new mirror!  I was younger and perhaps more limber when that was last used as my main bathroom.  Having to lean over the huge pedestal sink to see myself in the mirror on the wall (I have to get close when applying makeup as I can't see more than 8" in front of me without my glasses) was killing my back!  The upstairs bath had a pedestal sink, too, but a medicine cabinet with a mirror on the door -- I could open the door and stand to the side of the sink, nice and close.  Weird things like that...

I am sleeping very well in the new room.  (Knocking on wood.)  I've also been going to bed pretty late -- dumb time change has me a little screwed up.  It's very quiet at the back of the house -- nothing but a ravine and woods back there.  We've also been closing the doors at night.  I've never been a sleeper-behind-closed-doors -- I wanted to hear if the kids had a problem at night, didn't want a door between us if they had a need in the middle of the night; there's something so very jarring (to me) when a door is suddenly and unexpectedly opened into a room.  Hm.  One of the doors doesn't even open directly into the room.  There are "buffers" between the bedroom and the rest of the house, too; my closet on one side (full of sound-absorbing clothes) and the Garden Room on the other.  I'll have to draw out a floor plan one of these days.

So, my 51st birthday is on Friday.  I took the day off and will be heading up north for another weekend with my sibs!  The weather is supposed to be great.  Annie is going to make carrot cake and we plan to make a big pot of Chili All Day -- and I'll have to do some calculatin' to see how I can work in the MUFAs and keep on track.

I finally brought the scale downstairs and put in fresh batteries!  Even with the tiny potatoes and other weekend indulgences, I'm still at my lowest -- not as low as I'd like right now, but whatever.  I feel great -- I really do -- livin' life!

When I was using the vacuum upstairs the other day and nearly lost a finger when it got caught in the broken plastic handle -- apparently, someone had a great deal of difficulty changing attachments (no one's 'fessing up) -- I decided that I want a new vacuum cleaner for my birthday.  The cover stays on only with the aid of electrical tape on both sides; I used to make a show of it and take the broken-off plastic wheel along, trying to jam it back on every now and then, but I don't even bother anymore.

My first vacuum was a Hoover, second (current) is a Eureka -- that's not too bad, really, two vacuums over nearly 25 years of life, home improvements and art projects by one husband and three daughters, not to mention a total of five cats and one dog.  I've been enamored by the Dyson brand ever since James Dyson started talking about the engineering; Miele is intriguing and German and kind of sexy.

I've got some research to do.  I'm also accepting testimonials.  ; )

This Is It!

As billed, I had a very busy weekend.  I didn't cross everything off my list, but did manage some and made a very good dent in everything else.

My sister and kids were visiting on Friday/Saturday, so there was some Saturday morning visiting and cuddling to do with the kids -- and lunch.

I took some time with two friends on Saturday afternoon to see This Is It -- sort of for our birthdays, as we're all October/November babies -- and we loved it!  It was fascinating to get more of a production viewpoint and a feel for all that goes into putting together a show like that.  The soundtrack was pretty good, too.  Heh.  No doubt about it, MJ was a weird, messed up, enormously generous, gigantically talented, one-of-a-kind creative genius -- and I am still heartbroken and so very sad that he is gone.

We had a last-minute dinner invitation on Saturday -- for no reason other than that Bonnie had too much monk fish and Pat had a bunch of tiny potatoes that needed to be eaten.  We accepted, no question.  First of all, I love those people; secondly, I love Pat's house; thirdly, they're all fiber people; and, fourthly, YUM!

I'd never had monk fish before; Bonnie prepared it with a light cream and pea sauce -- her husband is a Spaniard and they visit Spain quite often -- she said they use peas a lot in Spanish cooking.

Pat made spaghetti and meatballs with her freshly made tomato sauce, and she also served those tiny, buttered, parsleyed (it is too a word) potatoes.  I believe I had three servings of those.  I could have rolled around in them.  Oh, how I love the potato, and these!!  When I say tiny... they were like cherries and grapes and olives -- plus, they were colorful -- red, white, and purple.  Decadent, delicious, delectable!  Yep, potatoes.

There was yummy, good 'n garlicky garlic bread, good beer and wine, homemade apple (hold the cinnamon, add cardamom!) and pumpkin pies for dessert, along with homemade I-don't-remember-the-flavor-because-I-was-delirious-by-then (mango + something?) ice cream.  I haven't eaten 'til my tummy hurt in a long time, but I did... DH even had to finish my apple pie.

We ended up watching a DVD slideshow of gorgeous photos from Pat & Dick's recent trip to China -- she also let us fondle the basket full of fabrics that she brought home with her and modeled a prototype jacket that she made using some of them.

I wore shadow[]box Rav_link and it was a sensation in that crowd -- people hugged me and didn't want to stop touching me.  I've shared all the pertinent information!  Ravel(ry)-rousing.

So much fun.  An evening like that always makes me want to entertain more.  I think I must.

We moved our bedroom on Sunday, of course, taking a mid-afternoon game break.  It was a tough day for this Cheesehead.  I kinda don't have the football fever like I once did, anyway.

IMG_3560 I've saved the photo for last -- and small because... whoa, the combo of hot pink wool and bad lighting makes for one terrible, horrible, no good, very bad picture.  Legwarmers I finished during the game and shipped out yesterday to a photographer friend in SD for an '80s themed party she's going to next week!  They're actually much nicer than they appear on your screen.  And warm, too.

I'm working on a Silk Garden Entrelac Scarf -- first time with the entrelac -- and liking it!

New digs

After.  And later.  Dark (weird light).

It was a lot of work.  There's still stuff in the old bedroom -- not really all that much, though -- and I have a few things to deal with.

The wardrobe went up a different way than it came down and it almost didn't survive, showing a few more scars now -- it was touch-and-go a couple times for Ali's BF, too!  Thank goodness for those two and all their help!

I've already determined that Grandma's sewing machine, which I've used as a nightstand for 17 years but is now too big, will need to go (somewhere else in my house, not "go" go) and my dresser will be moved over there.  We put the legs back on the bed (that DH and I made in May 1984, along with a pair of nightstands and a big bookcase), so it's too high to sit on to don socks (and that's not good for the mattress, anyway).  There's will be room for the chair.  This room is smaller and there's some funky stuff goin' on -- floor weirdness, door and window weirdness.  Makin' it work!

It's true, DH has been booted out of his "studio."  He has moved quite a bit of his workspace to an area in the front of the house that is part of the main living area, originally the parlor, offset and separate from the room known as "the living room."  He's also a member of a co-op gallery about 15 miles from home, where he has studio/gallery/storage/work space, and will likely be doing something art-wise in an area above the coffee shop.

Sorry for the confusion... there's been a lot of moving, painting, and rearranging going on in this family -- at home, at the coffee shop, at Katie's new apartment.  This is OUR new bedroom.  The old one (upstairs) underwent a documented While You Were Out transformation a few years ago -- and it will, once again, be part of the upstairs apartment.

Ch-ch-ch-changes.  Birdsong knows a little somethin' about changes and is having a contest to celebrate her birthday wherein she'd like to hear about yours -- the deadline has been extended to Friday, November 6th.  (A very big day.)

Movin' on out!

Today's the day.  The short version (because I've got tons to do today!):  When we bought our house 22 years ago, it was split in two -- a lower unit with a bedroom (the old dining room) downstairs and a second bedroom at the top of the stairs, and a 2-bedroom upper unit.  We always knew that we'd one day open the door between the two (that's all there was to it!) and take over the whole house -- which we did about 17 years ago when we had three kids crammed into that bedroom at the top of the stairs.  We gained many rooms (including an upstairs kitchen) and have moved in and out, repainted and repurposed some of them many times over ever since.

Now, for various reasons -- like kids moving to their own apartments or going to college -- we are sort of splitting it in two again.  This time our "tenant" will be one of our own kids -- so I don't mind at all that they use my front door (we tore down the outside stairs long ago and put a shed in its place).

I love it that we've now forced ourselves into downsizing, and I hate it that we've now forced ourselves into downsizing.  Overwhelming.  I know it won't get any better if we wait any longer.  So good.  But oh...

Here's where we're moving to -- DH's former studio, downstairs, on the south side of the house (part of the old wrap-around porch that we remodeled and enlarged shortly after moving here):


And with that, I guess I've decided...

I had considered NoBloPoMo (No Blog Posting Month -- just a play on "words," not an official movement that I'm aware of), but there's too much exciting stuff happening this month that I'm going to want to share.  Norma's right, I'd be lucky if I could last four days of not posting at all.

Give the Randomizer a spin now and then -- always interesting!!

There's a big game on TV this afternoon that I might want to watch, so I'd better get to work!!