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Unraveled Wednesday: The 16th House

Getting back into the groove

Well, that was a nice break... a long, hot & lazy weekend. Though, y'know, "lazy" doesn't mean I didn't get anything done!


I gave Rusty his second haircut! I borrowed Ali's electric clippers and even did the back this time. It was my first time using a clippers -- it was only a little scary, and mostly because I was thinking about all the people I know who have ended up with mohawks or total buzz jobs because of a slip. Whew! I should have trimmed his brows, though.

I've designated Saturday as Crochet Day...


...but I also did a little on Sunday. I wanted to finish the first square of the Rainbow Blanket, and figure out the join-as-you-go method for the hexies. So far, so good! I definitely use different hand/arm muscles when I crochet, so my appendages are thankful for a break.


And now I'm back to houses & stripes. This is Row #3 (of 9). Still figuring out a few things...

I hope y'all had a good weekend and start to the week! I'll be catching up...




You gave Rusty a professional-looking haircut! And those crochet colors and houses ... just wonderful!


Great job on the haircut Vicki! Love your crochet. I've discovered, too, that crochet definitely uses different muscles in my hands and arms from knitting or stitching. It's good to switch around I think. Your houses are so fun!!!


You do great work and you would never known Rusty had his hair cut at home. Nicely done. Smith has resorted to a total buzz (easy and quick for a professional to do). He doesn't want to cut his own and he doesn't dare let me touch it. Your little houses are SO cute.


Rusty is looking good! And I'm glad Dale has long hair that only needs an occasional trim to even things out! Love the blanket, as always, and I see lots of improvement in your crochet skills.


kudos on the haircut! (Marc has been buzzing his own head for a few years and I'm grateful that's a thing we're both already used to!) I'm excited about your crochet projects and love that you've made such a good start on two ... while continuing the knitted houses!


Love oks more like a relaxed weekend than a lazy one. How’s the shoulder these days? I’m loving your variety of fiber projects, so much happy color.

Gina in the San Francisco Bay Area

Great job on the haircut. Apparently, the only thing I can be trusted to cut is fabric. My husband likes his hair on the long side anyway (due to some youthful aspirations as a musician), so he is now sporting a ponytail. His hair is still thick enough to pull it off, and it actually looks good. If only he would quit "borrowing" my covered rubber bands.


Great job on the haircut! And the WIPs are looking good. I certainly hope you're weaving in ends on your houses as you go, because you're going to have a lot to deal with in the end if you're not!


Rusty looks great! And those little houses! LOVE!!


You did such a good job on that haircut!


Rusty's haircut looks great! I recently picked up a "beard trimmer" so I could use it to even up the back of Tom's hair. Scary business. . . Your knitting and crocheting projects are just joy-filled! I love the colors and they look like such fun. Can't wait to watch them come together. XO

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