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Ten on Tuesday: More or Less

Ten on Tuesday:  5 Things I Want to Do More & 5 Things I'd Like to Do Less in 2016

A slightly different take on the ubiquitous New Year's Resolution!


1 - Reading (especially audio books)

2 - Bicycling/Moving

3 - Cooking

4 - Dyeing (both fabric & yarn)

5 - Photography



1 - Procrastinating

2 - Buying patterns/yarn/fabric on a whim/sale and/or without immediate plans

3 - Eating (especially junk)

4 - Eating out

5 - Wasting Food (we need to better coordinate our cooking & consumption)


Well, it was way easier to come up with 5 Things I'd Like To Do More than Less, which I found sort of surprising for some reason.

Are there some adjustments you're making or hoping to make in the new year?



We try really hard not to waste food, but the best way for us is to plan the meals out for the week. The happy result is we eat better and save money, while leaving a night open for 'date night' eating out.

Moving more is on my list as well. The Fitbit has helped, but it can't overcome the snow and ice this time of year. And dark. Ugh, the dark.

Denise T.

Wonderful list!! Procrastinating is one that I really need to work on.


If it weren't for audio books I don't know how much reading I would be doing these days. I just love them. The wasting of food - my entire family has to get better at that.


I also need to do much less buying yarn, etc. on a whim. I've unsubscribed from several yarn newsletters and deleted my etsy bookmark in hopes of less temptation. Sad, but my finances, stash, and sanity will all be better for it.

Audiobooks are my friends! It turns out that 73% of my reading last year was in audio format; I was surprised it was so much but it works for me. Housework, walking, yard work, lots of things are better with a book in your ears!


Oh, I should have included more reading, too! I watch Netflix a lot when I'm stitching, and I'd like to shift that to listening to books.


I really worked on procrastinating last year and I feel good about that. We're better at not wasting food but we could still do even more. I like your more list because it's more fun !


You'll love audio books when your biking, walking, cooking, making, doing!
I've started buying perishable food only on days I know we'll eat it and we've saved quite a bit.
Great lists! I'm enjoying them all.


I like that list idea. I may have to steal it! :-) I think mine would look very similar to yours. Happy New Year!


Love the focus in your list for 2016, Vicki! Good reminders for all of us! :)


Great lists! I struggle with meal portions/consumption also - it is not easy to just cook for 2!


What great lists, Vicki. I share many of the same "mores" and "lesses". We're working hard here, Chez Mulhern, to waste less food this year, too.


less procrastinating almost made my list...as did all the "better" food things. I'll definitely be cheering you on...and taking pointers! ... on how to do better. and I love the photo you shared with this post. are those leaves covered with snow now?

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