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Alabama Chanin Wrap Skirt


I finally finished my "muslin" of the Alabama Chanin Wrap Skirt! I used three thrifted t-shirts for the main skirt pieces (one black and two mismatched-but-close green), stenciled the fabric using my airbrush and compressor set-up for the first time, and used a variety of techniques to finish.

A skirt is a tricky garment for me to wear, and I'd make mods* next time, but I was comfortable enough to wear it out to lunch yesterday!


Alabama Chanin Wrap Skirt

  • (1) Black T-shirt
  • (2) Green T-shirts (mismatched but close in color)
  • Angie's Fall stencil, gray fabric paint (I mixed the color)
  • Button Craft Thread - double strand of Black throughout
  • Running stitch for construction & embellishment
  • Back Panel: Black outer layer, Green inner layer; large motifs stitched, no cutting, knots inside
  • Inner Front Panel: Green for both layers (same t-shirt); large & medium motifs inked & stitched inside, large motifs cut, knots outside
  • Outer Front Panel: Black outer layer, Green inner layer; large motifs stitched & cut, knots inside
  • All seams inside felled
  • Waistband and ties using Alabama Chanin 100% organic cotton jersey fabric - Blue Slate
  • Unfinished hem

*Because of my body shape, and this is whether or not I'm packing 30 extra pounds -- it's just structure/posture -- I would make an adjustment to the front (shorten) or to the back (lengthen), and probably play around with the darts a little. Some people make a Full Bust Adjustment (FBA) when they sew... mine would be a Full Belly Adjustment. Haha.


In other news, the image above was included with permission in a recent Alabama Chanin Journal post about The School of Making (#theschoolofmaking)! I am rubbing Instagram shoulders with some very fine company there. Check it out... it's an inspiring community.



This is all SO AWESOME, Vicki. From the gorgeous skirt to the AC Journal post. I love, love, love your skirt. Coolest "muslin" I've ever seen. ;-) (Also. I want to learn more about the airbrushing. That's the scary part of AC to me. . .)


AWESOME was the first word that popped into my head, too. I love that you made to the Alabama Chanin Journal post, as it should be. Your skirt looks so great and it is a fantastic canvas for learning technique, for trying new things, and for creating wearable art! Way to go, grrl!!


So very cool. My skirt would need a Full Booty Adjustment.


I love the skirt and I think that's awesome that you have been recognized by the Alabama Chanin pros!


*still amazed* your skirt is a work of art ...and that you can wear it - and wear it well - wow! (muslin??!!) huge kudos, too, on the AC Journal recognition. I've started following a few others on IG thanks to that, and I must say, your is still the best!

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