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Oh, well, HI THERE!

I finished the embellishment of my Alabama Chanin A-line Dress on Friday night! I'd already seamed up the back a while ago, and couldn't resist Wonder Clipping the other three seams so I could try it on (shown above and below, inside-out).


Pleased as punch.

In case it's hard to tell, I am very happy!! I can't wait to wear this dress!!


As of last night, all the seams are sewn and felled; edges await finishing (neckline, armholes, hem).


Busy boy.



It was a regular market morning on Saturday, with the addition of an early  morning helper!


Intrigued by Walter - the spaniel that lives across the street.

I watched Junah later on Saturday, too, while Ali helped Rusty set up his booth for the 55th Art at the Park in Appleton. Kate helped him tear down last night. Both girls made nostalgic posts on Facebook, recalling the innumerable art fairs to which they've accompanied him over the years. It was always a pretty big thrill -- various Chicago-land shows, that long show in Ann Arbor, etc.

Rusty had a follow-up appointment with his regular doc this morning. He's generally feeling better, though plagued by one or two areas that have been feeling worse; he checked out OK, with a prescription refill, and just needs to be patient while all those strained muscles and ligaments heal!



Can't wait for the photoshoot on the finished dress - it already looks fab. And Junah, oh so cute!


That photo of Junah . . . amidst the hostas and astilbes and ferns. Oh, be still my heart. So freakin' cute!!! The AC project looks Fabulous! Can't wait to see it all finished and on -- without those (ever-so-handy) Wonder Clips. And I'm so glad Rusty is on the mend. . . despite the slow healing. XO


I am so excited for your dress reveal! It's looking SO good!
I swear that boy is the wiggliest little one I've seen! He's always so busy and having such a great time. I know you are, too!


Oh, your dress is going to be so fabulous! And you're making it look like a very tempting project. I need more hours!


looks delightful - and that dress is going to be A-mazing! glad Rusty is on the mend; it's hard to be patient with our bodies...but so glad that's all it will take!


Glad to hear no major problems for your husband, and Junah is such a cutie. But that dress!! It fits perfectly and is so unique. I wish I could get things to fit that well. You'd think I would have improved over 50 years of sewing but my only successful sewing has been jammie bottoms that no one sees! Congratulations on all fronts.


Glad to hear Rusty is coming along. I've got a friend who was once a big deal in the organization of the Ann Arbor Art Fest. And as I recall it was a big deal! A spaniel, named Walter. I think I'm in love!

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