Change of plan

More unearthing...

With Kate's kickstart the other day, my annual-ish purge has begun.

It feels different this time. I'm liking the open spaces... there's room to breathe.

I haven't even got 'round to the knitting stuff yet, and I've already tossed more never-will-finish-that knitting projects than ever before.

Or donated. (I just can't bear to throw away that much Rowan Fine Cotton Chenille.)


It's a sort of knitting needle (and stitch holder/marker) reclamation project!

So far, it's mostly been pre-Ravelry stuff. I may have blogged once or twice about whatever, but mostly... as if it never happened!

I have unearthed one project from Knitty Summer 2003 and have resumed... it would be great to have it finished in time for Mexico!

Can you guesss what it is?




I hope it's the Surf & Turf grass skirt!


Look at all your needles! Did you know you had that many? I'm going with Tasha.


I'm really hoping it's Twins but it's more likely Brisa.


I'm with Tasha and Margene - and love the pansy pitcher for your needles!


I am in Full Purge Mode here, too. It really does feel good, doesn't it? To create space for . . . whatever comes next?


Throwing as well! Dumpster trip today - more to come! yay!and the idea:-)

kathy b

I guess it is a knitted mesh bag for the beach.

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