Happiness is...

A mystery no more!

It hasn't been a mystery to anyone for a while, now, but it was when I started back in March of last year -- Romi's first Mystery Shawl!


I was certain, about a month ago, that I still had this project as a WIP -- with just a few border repeats left to go -- and was ready to make it an FO*. Imagine my surprise when I finally located it and found it completely finished -- ends woven in and everything! It needed only to be blocked!

Well, it sat around for a while again, but I needed to "accomplish something" last Sunday, so I gave it a soak and pinned it out.




It's big, gorgeous, and so very soft. I'll get a modeled shot soon...

One of my favorite models is winging her way home from Edinburgh! She is in Detroit, as we speak, waiting to board for the last leg. So excited for her to finally meet & squeeze the Junebug!!

*I made Ysolda's Follow Your Arrow Mystery Shawl an FO, instead! As is apparently my M.O. of late, it needs only to be blocked... stay tuned.




I think its hysterical that you *forgot* about a finished shawl. ;-)


If I remember, you were suddenly thinking about wedding plans last March, and maybe a few dozen other things to boot! How wonderful to find a completely finished shawl ready to use!


Here I was hoping you'd found a finsh-it-up genie. Oh well it was a wonderful dream for all of 5 or 6 seconds. Beautiful shawl. I may have to finally succumb to the lure of this pattern. After all I have yarn with the name cactus flower waiting to be cast-on. I have a few (read several) projects that I need to finish before I cast-on something else. Hence my interest in your supposed genie.


Beautiful shawl!


Gorgeous shawl! I can't imagine how you forgot something so beautiful.


I think I'm with the other commenters, sure you had discovered hard and fast evidence of finishing know the little ones that come in the night and work on our projects to get them finished?! in any event - it's lovely. can't wait to see it modeled. and that yarn does sound wonderful!


It's gorgeous! I started mine on Monday morning. And hooray for homeward bound kids!


I'm with Claudia, you FORGOT about this beauty?
I never thought I was a shawl person but I think I may "need" one. Just one.

Cheryl S.

Lovely! I really like the colors you picked.

kathy b

What a fantastic shawl. The details are lovely. The porch photo is stunning

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