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Scotland - yum

So, of course...

Upon returning home from vacation, I immediately went over for some grandson snuggles!


He wore some snazzy woolly footwear from Aunt Kate for his 20-week photo yesterday. Happy little pudgeroo!

I was right back to work on Wednesday for the rest of the week, so Saturday morning sans alarm clock was quite welcome.  I ended up spending the entire day in my PJs -- an unintentional but completely welcome Pajama Day! I can't remember the last time I had one of those, and I got so much done.


I even measured, wound, and dyed some yarn for Kirsten's TTL Mystery Shawl 14! I was vaguely aware that this was coming up but had little intention of knitting it... until I caved last Thursday and bought the pattern. I'm loving the camaraderie of knitting this project along with so many long-time blog friends -- it feels like a good, old-fashioned knit-along!

The project doesn't require a gradient yarn, but I didn't have 500 yards of anything else (recommended solid or semi-solid) that would work, so thought I'd try dyeing a gradient myself. I'm very pleased with the result, though it was apparent from the first dip that the numbers I'd worked out were purely mathematical exercise. I punted and all is well, with an extra hank of a medium-dark to spare, but I would never be able to repeat this exactly!

Something to work on, perhaps? For a lot of reasons, I haven't dyed in a while; I'd recently packed up and moved all my dye stuff back home so I was digging into lots of boxes to come up with everything I needed. It felt good to be back at it, and the response has been good, so who knows... maybe there's more to come.

Hope you had a great weekend!



Stephanie VW

That is one adorable wee man. Love the shoes! They look so very cozy.

That yarn is glorious. *wipes drool off desk*


You must have been so happy to see that little grandbaby! And I love the colors you've dyed, it looks like a pair of faded jeans.


20 weeks?!? wow! he looks like he's having a great time with life.

and I LOVE the gradient you dyed. looking forward to seeing it knit up.


I love your yarn. I'm impressed that you dyed it. Some of us took the easy way out & bought gradient yarn. I'm excited about the Mystery Shawl. I have to wait to cast on because I'm knitting another shawl (Kirsten's pattern)& I have a deadline for it. But my gradient yarn is tempting me...


Baby snuggles must have felt very welcoming. I'll bet he was happy to see you return! I hope there is much, much more dyeing to come! The KAL feels like the good old days of blogging!


I've missed him, myself . . . so can't imagine how you must feel! The yarn is gorgeous. So excited about this KAL!


Welcome back! Your dyeing is gorgeous! And goodness, he is growing! :D


What great little shoes!!

The spectrum of blues is lovely.

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