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Ten on Tuesday: Short straw edition

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Things I Can Do Myself But Get My Husband/Someone Else To Do Instead

Well, I'm pretty much of the mind that I can do anything, it's a question of whether I want to do a particular thing. And maybe I've been there, done that (installed a dishwasher) and see no need to do it again if there's someone else who can! Heh. I'm always sometimes happy to assist!

1.  Anything plumbing related.

2.  Ditto electrical.

3.  If I can, I'll pass on any painting projects, too.

4.  I have dug a trench for footings, helped with framing, sheathing, shingling, roofing -- I've a pretty good grasp of construction from start-to-finish -- but I have no pressing desire to do anything more now than occasionally assist in the short-term. That goes for any project needing a saw, hammer, or shovel.

5.  Cat care. Food, water, pills, puke, poop. I will feed and water if there's no one else to do it. I'd prefer not to clean up the puke, but sometimes I have to... because I sure hate when I step in it!

6.  Shovel snow. I do it when I have to (when Rusty's gone), but otherwise... No, thank you.

7.  Ditto raking leaves.

8.  And mowing the lawn. I am more likely to mow my mother's (much bigger) lawn!

9.  Cleaning gutters.

10.  Dishes.

* * * * *


Hey, guess what!??? I'll be celebrating my 10th Blogiversary on the First Day of Spring, which is why I hardly ever forget! The St. Patrick's Day observance of 9 years Quit (Smoking) will be along the way! To mark the occasion, which totally blows my mind, I thought I'd share TEN for TEN.


Let's start with that, since knitting is the reason I started writing this blog 10 years ago. Oh, the knitting! As of right now, there are 209 entries on my Ravelry project page. Here are 10 of my faves, in no particular order:


1.  Puerperium

I dyed this yarn as part of Project Spectrum. It was back to Basics with Lolly that year -- so much fun. And that is truly one of my favorite sweater patterns for a newborn.


2.  Garter Yoke Baby Cardi (bonus Aviatrix)


3.  Demne

I also dyed the yarn for the Garter Yoke Baby Cardi, Aviatrix, and Demne. Junah has worn both of those cardis quite a bit. The process for knitting Demne all in one piece makes it one of the most interesting things I've ever made.

 4.  Hero Quimby's Sweater & Hat

These were made for Cara's first-born! It, too, was an interesting sweater pattern to knit but it was the yarn I loved most! The divine Handmaiden Casbah and utilitarian Baby Ull made a fine match.

5.  Habu Birthday To You!

This is so perfect for Mom, and she wears it a lot!


6.  Wedding Shawls - Wisconsin Wedding for Ali, Frambuesa for me. LOVE!

 7.  Williamsro

The yarn was an early reward for the Quit, the sweater was my project for the 2006 Winter Olympics as part of the US Cable Team. Gold!

8.  Fib

A personal best in the Leftovers category. It will always be special in that the yarn was my sister's.

 9.  St. Brigid

Oh, for the love of cables and Alice Starmore! Preferring cardigans these days, I haven't worn it in a while but it'll always be special. I consider it one of my greatest knitting achievements.

10.  Parcheesi

Parcheesi is another accomplishment in the area of Leftovers & Oddballs. Folded diagonally, I wear Parcheesi as a shawl when it's chilly (almost every evening), and also spread it out on my bed most nights. If my house was on fire and I could only save one of my projects, it would be Parcheesi. Lots of love and memories knit into those stitches.

Ha, well, thanks for hanging in there -- this turned out to be a VERY long post! Tune in tomorrow to see what I come up with for #2 as the Ten-for-Ten Blogiversary party continues!!




I knew your Fib stripes would be included as well as St. Brigid and Williamsro! I haven't been reading for your entire 10 years but I started right around when you quit smoking.


Oh that Parcheesi is so special. And so is that Fib. And the raking...ugh. ;-)


You could write long post everyday and I'd love reading every word!
I remember IT ALL! Your quit, Cara's baby, ALL your sweaters, and now your very own grand baby. Ten years! It's great to be part of the gang who have stuck it out so long.


It sounds like a lot of us prefer to have the hubbys do the outside jobs. Congrats on 10 years! That is awesome. You have knit some beautiful items. I love Parcheesi.


happy blogiversary and congrats on quitting smoking so long ago! wtg! sweet baby!


For a few short seconds I was worried you forgot Parcheesi - how the heck could I entertain such an idea is beyond me!

Julia in KW

LOVE reading your blog, looking at your knitting and being inspired...thank you for letting us have a window into your world! love your 10 projects and the depth of colour in Demne is rich! :)


You know, I originally found you and your blog when I was wanting to knit Williamsro! I loved yours so much! I never ended up knitting it for myself, but my heart still does a little flip-flop when I see yours!

What a great way to celebrate your 10th anniversary!


Do you really get out of doing the dishes?


ten years. wow. I love the energy and humor you continue to pour into this space. and the baby knitting!


I am in awe of the Parcheesi. And I have added it into my "someday dealing with scraps" list.

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