It seems only fitting....
It's December -- and a contest!

Baby Shower

While I could have drowned Ali with the handknits at her baby shower, I decided to include only the projects I've started *and* finished since learning about Zim!

Not the ones I've knit & stashed over the years.

Not the ones I started years ago and finished in the last 6 months.

Not the ones I've started in the last 6 months but haven't finished.

(There's an alarming number of all!)

There was a minor panic when I couldn't find all of the items that I wanted to include in the shower gift -- with all of the shuffling and rearranging around here, I put them someplace "safe." I knew they were somewhere and persevered, finding them all together in the yarn cupboard. So, meeting the criteria, there was this:

Chevron Baby Blanket



garter yoke baby cardi



Chunky Hoodie

I chuckled to myself as I finished the bonnet and sewed the buttons on the hoodie the other night, Kay's recent comment on an Instagram post echoing in my head while I added them to the stack.

"I'm worried this child will not have empathy for those who wear ordinary clothes."

And I must admit, even I began to wonder whether having a grandmother who likes to knit is really such a good thing!!

I've given it some thought over the past few days and have concluded that until Zim can voice his/her opinion and/or make his/her own wardrobe choices, IT DEFINITELY IS A GOOD THING!!

I will take full advantage of my woolly window of opportunity.


The shower was so much fun! I've only ever been to two and barely had one, myself, so I just winged it with input from Ali and inspiration from Pinterest. Maddy helped me with putting together favors and prizes, decorations and decorating, and it all turned out quite nice.

I really do have fun planning things... whether it's a trip to Vegas or Scotland, a wedding or a baby shower... find a theme, set some guidelines, and GO!


Here's one photo of Ali from the shower. She's holding a little knit cap that Katie sent from... why, Scotland, of course!! In her lap is an ADORABLE one-piece with the ABCs all over it. Katie wrote that she couldn't resist, and that it reminded her of the sort of thing their Nana would buy for them. So true. My mother always found the cutest clothes for her grands.



Teresa C

Yay! Everything looks beautiful and relaxed and fun. Ali is stunning as usual. Why isn't there a 'love' button for blog posts? <3


Oh, cuteness overload! Baby Zim will be wrapped with love at all times. (Can't get much better than that!)


Well done - the happiness and love you are feeling just radiate from every word and photo.

gale zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

Everything looks beautiful! What an excellent assortment of handknits and the blanket is just wonderful. Kay's comment cracked me up--I've got to admit that your Zimknits make me feel guilty at my comparatively low output as a kntting grandma. OTOH your Pinterest boards for little knits? All the best ideas come from there :-)


YOU ROCK GRANDMA!!! And Ali is positively glowing! And hopefully all those knits will be used again and again and again! LOVE LOVE LOVE!


I love it when here is a new baby in the family so I can go crazy with the hand knits.. You've got YEARS before they don't want to wear them anymore!


Oh my what a lucky little fellow! I don't see how he/she can decide against hand knits after such a beautiful introduction!


oh my. like Kay said that baby is going to be spoiled in the very best way!! I thought I might've missed if Zim was a boy or a girl and I'm delighted to see it's a mystery...Iove surprises!! keep on knitting Vicki...handknits are always welcome!


Everyone should have a mom or g-ma like you! Love your idea to smother Zim with knits of love until told not to. Ali must be thrilled, too.

Karen Majors

I'm going to be that kind of grandma someday - and I think my kids know that already.


This baby is going to be rockin' the handknits for a long time! Lucky little thing!


the handknits are fabulous and the world can always use another knitting saavy person in it! your daughter is one gorgeous, glowing mother to be. congrats again!


You have one lucky grandbaby - everything you knit is SO CUTE!!!


Everything is so sweet. The best thing is that babies grow fast so you can keep knitting!

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