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Therefore, I must BE.

Crisp-Skinned Butterflied (spatchcocked) Roast Turkey: here. The slideshow immensely helpful -- doubt I'd have tried it, otherwise.

It's still in the oven. That's a fresh 13-lb turkey and it will cook in about 90 minutes. I haven't done all the pre- stuff, because I haven't been very good lately at reading *all* of the directions and fine print, but I'm confident that it will be amazing. It sure smells amazing in here. I also have the beginnings of an awesome soup (not gravy) on the stove.

I love trying new things in the kitchen.




I am HIGHLY interested in how this works out!


Spatchcocking has been on every food sight I've this year, as well as Alton Brown's show, etc. Everyone says it's the way to go. Our butcher said he could do the deed for us, too. I'll never try any other way, either. Good work, Vicki!!


I bet it was awesome!


~filing away for future reference. I love how the breast looks like a heart.

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