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In March it'll be eight years since I quit smoking. I don't get on the soap box about it much, if ever. As much as I hate being preached to, which is a lot, I almost hate being the preacher more!

Today is the Great American Smokeout, though, and so smoking is on my mind.

It took me a few tries over many years before I finally quit -- for good, it appears. I rarely even think about smoking these days.

It's one of the best things I ever did for myself and for my family. I'm rather slow about it, but I think successfully quitting smoking has aided in since making a series of good-for-me lifestyle changes: quitting soda, becoming more fit and active, and recent dietary changes that have resulted in significant weight loss.

For me, in all these things, awareness and planning were/are key. Complete avoidance of triggers and temptation is impossible, so I had to figure out in advance how I'd handle those situations.

I documented my journey back in the day, and you can read all about it here (scroll to the bottom to get to the beginning).

If I can do it, anyone can do it.

I urge you to set a date.

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Thank goodness for the Smokeout today! We're half-way through NaBloPoMo and my blog fodder cupboard is bare. Well, not quite bare, but pickin's are slim! What to blog?




Wow, that means I've been reading (and mostly lurking!) on your blog for almost eight years! I think I stumbled upon your blog just a couple weeks before you quit.


You are an inspiration to people who need to quit, needed get fit (me), and eat well. My fodder cupboards are rather bare, too.


congratulations! i know that is so hard to do. <3

and if you're looking for blogging inspiration i always love to read those "follow up with my knitting" posts where folks list a few of their knits and how they have worn, what they look like now, if they are still loved, etc. educational. :)


I thought of you today when they mentioned on the news that today is the Great American Smoke out. Good for you for quitting, Vicki!


Oh, my gosh, has it been eight years already? I remember that, and the cold turkey hat. Congratulations for reaching and sticking to your goal!


eight years...congratulations! (and 15 days...congratulations!)

Entangled Carol

Congrats! I've watched loved ones go through this process with all different levels of success. It's not easy, but it is never the wrong decision.

Gene Bernice

Great Job!! Hope it inspires other people to quit smoking and soda for a healthy and happy life.


Good for you! It means you will be around to enjoy your family (and entertain me!) for years longer.


I don't need to read it because I read it the first time! :) Congratulations on all of your lifestyle improvements. You're an inspiration.

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