Ten on Tuesday: Sweet tooth
Setting the stage


We have a winner! Angie left the 20,000th comment on this blog! I've known for a while, but kept it under my hat -- hard as that was (so excited!) -- because I also knew that Angie and I were planning a get together.

And that happened last night! We met at the coffee shop for dinner, lots of gabbing, and a little bit of knitting. Thanks to Ali for taking the photo, something we only manage to remember every 5th or 6th time we meet. Angie's holding her "prize" yarn -- Make.Do Realize Sport -- and you can also see the ball of Cascade 220 Heathers on the table that she was swatching/playing with. Gorgeous color!

I was knitting hexies. At sixes and sevens with every other project I have underway, it seems, hexies are the fall-back project. Also very portable.

I'll be running over to school tonight to pick up Maddy for the weekend. It's been a while since she's been home! School is going *very* well, she picked up a part-time job, and doesn't have her car there, so we're not seeing her very much.

I have a few things on the docket for the weekend, including some kitchen/food prep -- because planning is EVERYTHING and lack thereof was keenly felt this week. Also making "lupper" (like brunch, except it's a combo of lunch + supper) for all the kids + new future son-in-law on Sunday before Maddy goes back.

I'm looking forward to putzing at home, working in and warming up the kitchen -- all of a sudden, it's chilly again! Definitely fall.

Thank you to EVERYONE who reads and/or comments on this blog. I wouldn't be here without you. It's true.

Happy Weekend!




OMG -- look at you, Vicki! Gorgeous!


Friends and family! You're at your happiest when meet-ups of one sort or another are in the offing. Your weekend sounds fabulous! We also felt the lack of food prep this week and I'll be running to the grocery right after work. You look marvelous, btw. :)


De-lurking to tell you you look amazing. Also, your journey is inspriring me to start down my own path. I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for the inspiration.


Sounds like a fun weekend ahead - I love those types of family get togethers. You look fantastic!


You look great, Vicki! I rode my bike for the first time in a very long time and thought of you!


Sounds like you've got a perfect weekend coming up. Enjoy. (And You! You look GREAT!)


Just to say it one more time...you look fabulous! Congrats! I admire your discipline and hard work on regaining your health. Enjoy a fun fall weekend...cheers!


I'm so glad your special comment came from a friend. That makes it extra special. Good luck on the food prep. I'll be doing the same thing. Though I may get to help one of the young ladies at one of my local coffee shops learn to knit. I just have to find a skein of yarn to become a scarf for her without any idea what colors she prefers since she's dressed in black at work.


I always read your blog. It is another connection to home (I am from Chicago), and I always admire your finished projects and photos.

You look great! Younger and so healthy.


I'll echo the rest - you're looking healthy, young, and strong, Vicki!


Hey, look at you! Sounds like you are having a good weekend.

Robin F.

We do lupper at our house too! one of my favs-


Holy Cow! You are turning into a little chicken wing! If your outsides are looking that great, think about what your new habits are doing for your insides.


Lookin' mighty fine, and it's so nice to see you both! Lots of family and food around here this weekend too, in fact I may not need to cook again all week ;^)


Giggling quietly at "lupper". *Snort* :)


Thank you, Vicki, for the yarn and for your friendship and writing! A lovely evening and I really think there is merit to my "must have been a cat in a previous life" theory, regarding my swatting, err, swatching.


I love your blog, Vicki..I don't think I've missed a post since we started blogging so many years ago! And, you look amazing, girlfriend.

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