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I had a dentist appointment yesterday morning, which went okay except for the reminder (again) that I should start working on having a few teeth crowned while I still *want* to do it. You know, rather than having a tooth crumble at... oh I don't know, 3:30 on a Sunday afternoon would probably be about the most inconvenient of time, wouldn't it?

Yeah, so after a dentist appointment I usually treat myself with a trip to my LYS (local yarn store), just a half-mile or so to the north. This time, though, I went to my favorite LSS (local shoe store) a few blocks south.** I was on a quest for new sandals, having admired a neighbor's lovely pair a few weeks ago. They were so comfy looking, a perfect style for my feet which sometimes swell, and I haven't been able to get them off my mind. I found them, ordered them in a different color, and also found an adjustable pair with velcro closures. Shoe shopping is not a regular occurrence around here, and there are plenty of times that I leave empty handed, so I'm actually quite happy that I found two pair! It's been a while since I've worn thong-style sandals, though -- I used to wear them all summer, every summer -- so there'll be a period of getting used to that again.

I met Rusty at the home improvement store to find a replacement for the air conditioner for our bedroom -- looks like we're going to need it this weekend -- and then we grabbed a quick lunch before heading home.

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He went out to continue painting the house. I fired up a kettle of water and mixed up some dye -- inspired by the lavender blooming outside the garage door! I had just enough time to do a test hank before riding my bike over to Mom's to consult on a few things. What color to paint the outdoor furniture? When shall we leave for Mack's 7th birthday party on Sunday?

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I can't believe he's going to be SEVEN!!

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Then it was time to head off to book club. It was another in a string of gorgeous days and we met at a place with a lakeside patio. The service wasn't too great, but the relaxing was very, very good.

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Meanwhile, having always been a fan of lavender "the flower" and lavender "the scent," I was never too crazy about lavender "the color" for anything other than lavender flowers. Until now.

image from www.flickr.com
I'm inspired and in love!

**I was actually hoping that I'd have time to treat myself with a trip to the LSS and the LYS!




This is a fabulous color...gorgeous yarn.


I'm a total sucker for all things lavender: color, scent, flower. You did well. :)


Totally, completely in love with your lavender (all of it). Do you have a particular pattern in mind? I'm anxious to hear about your shoes. I'd love to find another pair of sandals. Our weather has been as up and down, warm and cold, as yours!

Julia in KW

love, love, love the colour! To me that screams cowl...it would look so nice next to the face...(do you have an etsy shop or only through your daughter's shop?)...beautiful!


So love the color.

Hope you get to visit the LYS soon too. A trip to the dentist is definitely an excuse.

Linda Piotrowski

Oh, what a gorgeous color! I'd snap it up in a minute if you had it at your farmer's market stall.


I am afraid i am becoming a big bore but I must declare deep


Ooops sorry about that. I must declare deep love to your lavender, I sure hope you can repeat it. I even know what I want to knit with it: a Matcha for my sister.

Is his be?

Great dying job as usual!


lovely flowers and the yarn matches perfectly. my favorite restaurant makes lavender ice cream. it is divine!


That color is so beautiful. Yay for new shoes!


Beautiful! I can only echo Julia--please, please, please can we have some lovely, lavendar yarn, even if we can't come to Make.Do?

Robin F.

Oh my you'd better lock up that gorgeous yarn or I will drive up there to 'borrow' it- I can almost smell the lavender from here. What depth of color- Sounds like you had a busy but fruitful day. Shoe shopping is always tough for me- I have square feet-as wide as they are long- when I find shoes that fit I buy more than one pair. Wear your new sandals in good health.


You nailed that color! Loverly.


The worst time to have a tooth crumble is 3:30 on a Friday afternoon before a long holiday weekend. Guess how I know?

Wow, that color is hard to do well, but you did it! Nice work!


Another candidate for worst time to break off a chunk of tooth would be 9:30am on Christmas Eve Day when you're leaving for the airport early the next morning. Fortunately, my fabulous dentist had another fabulous dentist on call to give it a quick look, glue a wee plaster on it and tell me how to manage until I could get it fixed. At no charge! Although I think that pretty yarn might have helped offset the tooth distress, too.


Wow that yarn is gorgeous!


Beautiful, Vicki.


Where are the pictures of the new shoes?


Looks great in photos and even better in person!

I've been working on a crown project the past couple years. At your whim (?!) rather than the tooth's is preferable on all counts. The flying put it on the back burner but I suppose I better think about it again.


I feel the same way about lavender but your wool is so rich! You definitely got it right.
And I have had a tooth crumble - it was quite terrifying - and a crown wouldn't fix it, I had to have an implant.

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