Birthday muffins

The gifts that keep on giving

Maddy gave me this orchid on my birthday, nearly eight weeks ago, and it's still giving me a face full of happy everyday! The sun was shining on it beautifully this morning, casting shadows on the bedroom wall.




Your photos have a vintage look with the rosy pink against the golden background. Orchids last a long time with proper watering and plenty of sunshine!

Rebecca (socks-for-mum)

I love that early morning sunlight for capturing photographs! This is a beautiful shot, Vicki! Happy belated Christmas to you!

Cheryl S.

Orchids are great! They last so long, even if you eventually kill them. Not that that ever happened to me, of course. Ahem.


That is just lovely. I'm sure I would have killed it by now.


I have the same orchid sitting next to my desk. I think Smokey brought it home to me about six weeks ago. How long do those blossoms last? Do the buds ever open?

Now I will think of you every time I look at the orchid :-)


I adore orchids! So fragile . . . and beautiful. . . and awesome. Lovely shots, Vicki. Enjoy the blooms!

Robin F.

That is gorgeous. I am so jealous. I got a plant 2 weeks ago as a Chanukah gift and it is dying already. I can not grow house plants only outside ones.

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