The end of a couple of things, and also beginning

A Gray Day becomes A Dark & Stormy Night

I have some yarn in shades of blue for Margene in case she wants to start Knitting the Weather, or something, next month... or sometime. I wanted to add some shades of gray before sending it, though, since both Utah and Wisconsin have their share of gray winter days.

This fit in nicely with the Project Spectrum/November:Neutral dyeing.

I made gray; but, because I still underestimate the potency of black in the dye pot, as established yesterday, what I intended as representation of A Gray Day turned into A Dark & Stormy Night.

This is the yarn I declared my love for yesterday. The yarn that I would marry.

Did you do that? It always makes me laugh and think of my sisters, especially Sharon -- she seemed to do it most.

Me: I love *that* -- which could be anything, or maybe not even a thing... the more ridiculous whatever it is, the better.

Sharon: Do you want to marry it?

Yes, I damn freakin' do!


What is it about this yarn?? I guess with the absence of color, it's all about shade and value, texture and sheen, complexity and layering. My boring, neutral, black/gray yarn... It just takes my breath away!

I'll be soon heading back to make A Gray Day.



Takes my breath away, too. I'd marry it! In a heartbeat. . .


I think it's fantastic!


It could be today's sky! It's so blustery and freaking off and on gray and, while I could leave this weather behind, your yarn is to.dye.for! With yarn that gorgeous I may just wish for gray skies all year (not really)...amost.


I love all shades of grey. I wish the weather would be a little more on the blue scale, though!


oh, totally marriageable yarn!


Gorgeous yarn!


Given you take stunning B&W photos, I'm not at all surprised by your choice of yarn 'to marry'. ;^)

Robin F.

The depth of different shades of grey are appealing. That should be knit into something very warm.


I'm not usually a black or gray person but that yarn is beautiful.

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