Ten on Tuesday: Weekend update
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Caera Cowl - finito!

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Since I only hulled about half of the 5-gallon bucket full of walnuts and, as I am wont to do, left the rest in situ, the pergola patio has been something of a Free 24-hour Walnut Buffet.

Squirrel smorgasbord

The squirrels have been enjoying it very much.

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We had quite a bit of rain on Tuesday night, so there was a little natural walnut brew happening in the bucket yesterday. I almost used it, but it was "buggy" and my immediate reaction was to get rid of it. I suppose it would have worked out okay... perhaps taking "natural dyeing" to another level for me. I already have some hulls drying in the basement for further exploration with this material and that's good enough for now.

From the beginning

It was a pretty good "natural" setting to photograph my walnut-dyed knitting project.

Coconut buttons

I purchased buttons yesterday and sewed them on right away! (!!) They are resin-coated coconut shells, and this is actually the back (or "wrong") side of very shiny, brightly colored buttons.


I love 'em.

Cable mod

Cables. Texture. Mmmm, it's been a while.

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  • Project: Caera (Caera Cowl) by Lucy Sweetland , {a black pepper}
  • Yarn: BFL Superwash, DK weight, Make.Do.Dyed with black walnuts from my back yard
  • Needle: US 8, straight
  • Mods: Knit flat and added a button band. Changed the larger, mirrored cables by weaving them (over/under).
  • Start to Finish: October 6, 2011 to October 12, 2011. I cast on and did the ribbing at the first of the new "1st & 3rd Thursday Knit Night" at KC&T; knit a LOT in the car and while visiting over the weekend; finished and cast off Sunday night during the football game; washed and blocked on Monday night; dried on Tuesday; finished on Wednesday!

I love this thing. I am in no way wishing for colder weather, but I know it's coming... and I'm gonna be ready!



Using the back of the button means you'll always have a secret side. Your mods make the cowl yours (all great ideas). It looks cozy, warm and beautiful to boot!


I love it! The color and cables are really lovely. Our squirrels carry the black walnuts up on the deck and eat them there. Your squirrels are lucky they don't have to do the extra work!


What a pretty cowl. Love the buttons.

Amy J

Oh I love your version. This would be a perfect gift for a friend of mine...thanks for the mods!


So beautiful!

Cheryl S.

Very pretty!


Lovely color and cables. Looks like it knit up fast, too! I am plugging away on a pair of socks. Wish I had more time for photographs, experimentation, and blogging!


i love that cable-y goodness and your buttons are beautiful!


So, so nice -- color, cables, and buttons. Your neck will be cozy this winter.


Love it! I can't resist mirroring cables, no matter how it's originally written ;)


Perfect buttons. Sometimes the 'B' side is exactly right. And now, I'm showing my age.


That's gorgeous, and meaningful too. I love how the things we make have our own history wrapped up in them.


Really beautiful!

Linda Piotrowski

The color from your black walnut dying is lovely as is the cowl. I so appreciate being able to see all of your wonderful creations. Thank you for your blog, your photographs, your writing and your knitting!


I love all of it, the back of the buttons, the cables the dye and the pergola setting.

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