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Tri, tri, triathlon again!


Well, we did it! Team SOS after the race, sporting team shirts that Karen had made for us, and (by no accident) pictured in order of events: Ann (500-yard swim in 14:32), Vicki (14.3-mile bike in 1:07:41), Karen (3.1-mile run in 32:25) -- factor in transition times for a finish time of 1:56:11. Good enough for second-to-last place... or 9th.

They said that I should say "9th place" because it sounds better. Heh.

Karen ran her best time ever!!

I upped the pace by a hair and shaved 1:21 off of last year's bike time! It's a hilly course, so challenging for this flat farmland rider -- and there's a hill right off the bat with the added thrill of a headwind! I was having a couple of issues with regulating my breathing and a sudden headache -- I'm not used to the whole race aspect and you just get caught up in it all even though you know there's not a chance in hell of winning, nor do you even want to! It's weird and I stressed out a little. I should have taken better care of myself prior to the race, too. Things slowly improved along the way and by the mid-way mark I was perfectly fine.

Annie accidentally registered as an individual when she signed us up for the race, and was listed both as an individual and as a relay team member when the wave assignments were released a couple of days before the race -- which is when she decided that she'd do the whole triathlon! And she did GREAT -- finishing in 1:51:58. I am so proud of her!!

It smells of an annual event.



Great photo! Go Team SOS!


Congratulations! You all look great after that hard work.


The three of you (four of you!) should feel so accomplished. Love the team name, logo and color! Go grrls!!


Congrats, Vicki!
You look like you had a good time.


Way to go, Team SOS!


Way to go! That is awesome. Great shirts!


Most Excellent! What a fabulous, fun time for all of you. So glad you were able to work through your rough start and better your time from last year. So awesome! (And, yeah. It's starting to smell "annual" to me, too!)

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