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Happiest of Days

Random Wednesday (with residual vacation)

1. With over 8" of fresh, heavy, wet snow (major thundersnow!) on the ground after yesterday storm, the photo above serves as a reminder of what will be.

2. There's still a light snow falling.


4. What I like right now: light, bright, color.

5. If I can talk someone into helping, I might finally start working a paintbrush with "light, bright, color" as the goal.

6. I'm not sure the color thing is working so well with Tempest. I've two sleeve/swatches to wash and block... and mull over... and then we'll see.

Web-2011-03-31 10.27.01 
7. A part of me really wants my "Highland Holiday" yarn to be its own special thing. The over-dyed green skeins are Ali's, the light red is Kate's, the magenta is mine. Kate wound her yarn on Sunday and is a good foot into the knitting of a new cowl.

Web-2011-03-29 13.23.43 
8. Room with a view... the ladies' room at Crannog Seafood Restaurant in Fort William. I didn't buy much on our trip -- a couple of books, some postcards, a souvenir keychain bottle opener (that came in handy!), some yarn -- but I did eat pretty well.

Web-2011-03-29 12.53.50
Web-2011-03-29 12.53.50
Web-2011-03-29 12.53.50
Web-2011-03-29 12.53.50 
Web-2011-03-29 12.16.16 
9. Rusty's steamed seafood platter, Katie's salmon en croute, Ali's rib-eye, my seabass; it was very, very fine and a good time was had by all! We had a restful night and a great breakfast the next morning at the Alexandra Hotel before heading back to West Kilbride.




That pansy photo is awesome. Spring sure is taking it's time arriving this year.


Spring is dragging her feet everywhere! Oh my the food looks marvelous, every last bite! Stay on your travel high and enjoy it as long as possible. Your yarn will reveal it's destiny when it's ready.


Mmmmmmm. I'm hungry! Looks like some divine menu options there. :-) I'm seriously in need of some spring, too. Like. . . now.


Wanted to stop by and say hello, Vicki, and Happy Spring!

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