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Penny Parfait

One of the ways I'm saving some money for our trip to the U.K. is by saving all my change. There were two ready vessels for the holding of change and I decided to use them both. I put all the pennies into the jar, and all the silver money goes into a smaller, turned wood bowl. The bowl is smaller, so when it's filled up I dump it into the jar, making a layer of silver atop the pennies. Then I continue putting pennies in the jar and collecting all the silver in the bowl, rinse and repeat. Penny Parfait.

It's not a very big jar, but HEAVY already! I don't think there'll be room for another bowlful of silver. Exciting, isn't it? Heh.

Heading south today to take care of some sister business. I'm nicking away at it. We'll be bringing her kiln back today. I'd better get... picking up Mom in :20 and I'm still not dressed!



i do this too! there are two piggy banks full of two years of daily change in my house. guess i oughta go trade it in for cupcakes. :o)


Saving change is a great way to save for a special treat. I've had hundreds of dollars in a saved that way!


This is how I paid for Sock Summit 09 Marketplace purchases!
(It's a good habit to keep, too)


Saving change is a smart and painless way to get some extra money. I always do it for fiber festivals.


Now that makes a lot of CENTS!!!! (I crack myself up.) I love saving coin in containers here and there. It adds up -- surprisingly fast! And every little bit helps when you're planning a big trip.


1 pound of random change is worth approximately $13. Just FYI. I found this out during a little fun office contest I held when I offered to split the the contents of a piggy bank with the person that came closest to guessing the amount. I really didn't think i'd be giving the person nearly $30! I have been saving change for just over a year in a jar my honey got me. It's approximately $400 and with another source of change, will be buying myself a brand new computer! I'm going to blog about it when I finally get the computer.


It is amazing how much that change collection can add up to. I keep a little bank jar on my dresser just to have an easy place to put the odd coin that is lying on the table or in the couch. Last time I emptied it I had nearly $20! Just because I am too lazy to get out my purse and wallet to put the coins away!


It's amazing how those odds and ends of change add up. I'm not sure why we think it as sort of a pain in the neck to carry around, but if you keep it all together it turns into a trip! Magic!


Back in the day, I used to save up for Knitting Camp by snagging *every* nickel that came into the house and dropping it into a tea tin with a slot cut in the lid :o)


Finding the right sized jar is important. I did this as well with an old plastic pretzel container. When it was half full, I had trouble lifting it. But inside was nearly $400! I am starting round two on a smaller cookie tin. I can't wait to see how much change this one holds.

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