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Tuesday Night on Saturday Afternoon

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Tuesday Night Cowl (link to my Ravelry page) by Susan Lawrence.

It took me a really, really, really long time to cast on for this project -- WAY longer than it should have!  I started it when Parcheesi was ready to sew up and was, therefore, no longer a portable project.  I carried it to work several times.  I even brought it with me to California -- way back in October -- one of my two back-up projects (following the knitters' first rule of travel: Be Prepared).  First it was one thing, then another, and I just could NOT find the time to get going -- it starts with a provision cast-on, which I don't do all that often and so need to be focused!

Once I actually started knitting, this was a fun and quick project -- very satisfying.  I added two repeats, though I think one would have been sufficient.  I may rip and re-do, or I may leave it as is and find a pin or something to secure it.  I have more of this yarn, and even another color, and have no problem at all casting on again... and again... and again.  I'm getting good at it now.  And I love this yarn -- Lana Grossa Royal Tweed (discontinued, I believe) -- all the beautiful, colorful, tweedy bits!

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It's early December and, as usual, all of a sudden I can think of 14 people I want to knit Christmas gifts for... even though we've mostly opted out of the crazy gift-giving stuff this year... just "little" gifts... that I might want to design and/or modify and/or personalize... oh, yeah, and "all of a sudden" there are three (at least three!) v.i.p. birthdays this month, too.

Ho, ho, ho!  Rein me in!!




I love it - great design and color too.


Love the yarn you chose! I'm a sucker for tweed.


Looks great, Vicki. I made one of these cowls, too. Really great pattern; love it in the tweed!


The trouble with winter and knitting is you want to wrap everyone you know and love in warm, cozy, lovely (and tweedy) knitting!! Maybe the best rule is give when you have something finished. No promises, no deadlines, just give when it feels good. The cowl is gorgeous and the figures are a perfect place to show off knitting!


Love it! What beautiful yarn you chose. It also looks like a perfect companion to the 16-Cable Hat, hmmm...


Love the the model! I promised myself no Christmas knitting this year. I was feeling really great about having no stress from deadlines, choosing colors for recipients, etc. But, here I am, knitting just a few last minute "small" gifts...mitts, cowls, and scarves...and a pair of warm "house" socks that will definitely be a New Year's gift! We knitters never learn! :)


Hello quick Christmas gift!!!!!! I may have to look that one over.

And yeah, we NEVER learn. Ugh Christmas Knitting. AAHHHHHH.

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