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Parcheesi, designed by Feral Knitter Janine.  The pattern is available free with a request for an on-your-honor goodwill donation in any amount to Heifer International.

I started this blanket in April on a bit of a whim, made up my own rules and modifications as I went along, and finished a few days ago.  While I've had the distraction of knitting/finishing/starting a few projects in the meantime, I can honestly say that there was never a dull moment with this blanket.  In fact, I rather miss working on it.  I had some self-imposed limitations on which yarns I could use, but there was enough room for variation and surprise and I could not wait to pick the next color!  I'll admit there was some dread at the prospect of weaving in ends and also when it came time for seaming, but once I started each of those tasks, there was no turning back.

This one is all sock yarn, with some inconsistencies in weight.  I used some scraps and partial skeins, had some full hanks in my stash, and bought some new; it's generally made of wool, but there's also cotton, nylon, silk, and cashmere in the mix.  I knit one solitary stripe in some beautiful Madelinetosh Pashmina that Ann sent in return for a Village Knitter favor -- because it arrived that day -- and a couple of the colors are vintage Bernat yarn that I picked up a few years ago at an estate sale.  I just used whatever looked good, and included some surprise bits -- hot pink, bright yellow, baby blue!  Somehow, it all works.

One of my big departures from the original was the addition of a border.  Because the pattern was based on an old board game, I wanted a yarn that said "old board game border" -- you know, worn and faded, black cloth tape.  And I found it!  Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet (color #18).

It is, absolutely, positively, hands-down, one of my favorite projects.  Ever.  Ever ever ever!  It makes people happy.  It makes ME happy!

Thank you.



It's stunning! Beautifully balanced colour and tone. I really, really want one !
The photos are fabulous too.



Love it so much!


It is beautiful! Just absolutely beautiful. Congratulations--


Absopossitivlyeffingbeautiful!! Grrl, that is one of my favorite projects ever, too! No wonder you're in a funk over finishing it. Now you need to snuggle under it and spend some quality time!


Absolutely gorgeous!! What an accomplishment. The photography is wonderful and inspiring.


It's fantastic, Vicki. Truly a work of art!


Vicki - it's simply spectacular. The pictures are beautiful. The first one brings tears to my eyes - I can actually imagine the couple loving each other and chatting about putting the parcheesi on to take off the chill. Kudos to you for such a wonderful accomplishment!

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

It is gorgeous! And I think that couple in the park needed it! ; )


It's beautiful! Your pictures are the best. Thanks for sharing.


Oh my is beautiful!
In the first picture, Parcheesi looks like it is part of the sculpture.
I admire your eye for color; the matching, mismatching, complimentary colors.
Truly stunning.


It's just gorgeous!


What perfect props for your photo shoot! That was a great idea! I love it, it looks way better than mine and I'm jealous! ;o) Seriously, it's great and the border finishes it off nicely.


Congratulations on finishing up! Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Love the photo shoot as well. Doesn't it make you feel good when one of your projects turns out to be your favorite!!!!!


such a beautiful photo shoot for an amazing blanket! hooray!

so...what's next? :o)


Yowza! Looks fabulous, and I love the photos. I'm so glad I got to see this in person.


Vicki it's so amazingly beautiful. It's everything I love (and miss desperately!) about knitting.

And the photoshoot! My god - I forgot what a fantastic knitting photoshoot was like.

I think I might cry for a myriad of reasons, but mostly because I'm so happy you're so happy.

Congratulations my friend. You have knitted Art.


It is truly FAB, Vicki, as is the photo shoot. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.


Love the blanket; there is something a little Kaffe Fassett about it.
Love the photos - that's stylin'

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

Everything about this is wonderful, from the colors to the pattern to the fabulous photos. Enjoy it!! It just screams sit on a sofa and indulge.


The new blog header is perfection!


Stunning. Your photography shows it beautifully too. What a perfect setting.

Kathode Ray Tube

Oh my -- it's just stunning! Congratulations!

Joan Hamer

I've been watching the progress from the beginning. It's fantastic! Truly a work of art.


Your color sense is spot-on. That is an absolutely GORGEOUS piece. Photos are (of course) stunning as well. O


that's beautiful and i love your new header! it makes me want to find the pattern for my afghan i started two years ago that i haven't worked on in over a year.


It is absolutely fantastic and what a great photo location :)


I've had this one in my queue for a while now...this just makes me want to start it RIGHT NOW...what a stunning quilt...color me jealous...

Love the pictures...I thought the first one might have been Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter and wondered what you were doing in Georgia...where is this photoshoot?


Perfect location for Parcheesi's debut! Love, love, love it!


LOVE IT - Love the blanket, LOVE the photos - you definitely make me want to learn to take prettier pictures!

And I completely understand the post-project slump, especially after one as monumental as this...


absolutely gorgeous

Judith Foldi



It's gorgeous!


Stunning FO! Love the photo shoot. My paternal grandmother used to play Parcheesi with us when we visited.


O. M . G. That is simply one of the MOST GORGEOUS afghans I have ever seen!! I have downloaded the pattern and it has gone straight to the head of my queue. (And since I donate to Heifer Int'l each year anyway, I doubled my donation this year for the privilege of knitting this afghan. Thank you.)


I'm seldom at a loss for words, but Parchessi leaves me speechless!!! It is a magnificent work of art...THE most magnificent thing I've seen knitted in ages!
Everything is sheer perfection...Parchessi, the new blog header (that's a keeper forever!), and the photography! I'm not much of a sock knitter but I'm going to begin and beg, borrow, and steal "leftovers" from anyone I can find! Congratulations...the journey was SO worth it!!!


Love! Love! Love! Love! Love!!!!!
Can't decide if I love the blanket or the photos more.... so very awesome!


Beautiful end product!


Congratulations on finishing Parcheesi. It is absolutely beautiful! I'd love to make one but I know once the knitting was done it would get neglected. Love the photos!

Kristi aka FiberFool

Gorgeous! And I *love* your photostyling of it. Fabulous!


What a beautiful piece of art! That blanket makes me so happy to look at it. I love all your pictures of it. Brava!


It's just beautiful - the colors are perfect. And I absolutely love the first photo, the couple with it on their lap.


I agree with you. It is stupendous!


It might be pretty darned high on my list of favorite ever projects I've witnessed someone knit! What a delightful project, but what was more fun was watching it develop and then seeing your fabulous idea for a photo shoot! Thank you!!


I have loved that pattern ever since Janine shared it with us on her blog. You have truly made it your own. Gorgeous!

Rhonda the StitchingNut

Absolutely gorgeous!!!


WOW! Love!

Jo Anna

Your blanket turned out beautifully! I am inspired to make one!

Also, where did you do your photo shoot?

Jo Anna


That is just fabulous. I love it in sock yarn! I'm thinking that I have a lot of worsted in the stash that I may never use. I'm pretty sure this could work, though it might be huge...


Your Parcheesi is beautiful and so are your photographs of it.

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