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Ten on Tuesday: Fall

What a wonderful world

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I brought my knitting with me on the Saturday afternoon jaunt with Ali, but we had hubby's van and, um, it is old and the ride is not smooth.  At all.  I tried but was never able to work a stitch, realizing very quickly that I'd only get frustrated and likely end up with a disaster on my hands.

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Instead, I enjoyed the scenery.  These photos were all taken late, as we were driving home, at the same time and from the same spot.  The sky was amazing and I could have shot the entire day.  There was almost always a very isolated place in the sky where rain was happening -- whether or not it was reaching the ground.  We drove on wet pavement, but never had a drop on the windshield.

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One of our stops was in St. Lawrence -- a typical tiny crossroads with a gigantic old church and cemetery (Catholic in this instance) and a whole bunch of taverns.  I'd been through there before, years ago when I was immersed in doing family history research -- great great great grandparents on both my mother's and father's sides settled in that vicinity for a time (dad's side for a much longer time) after leaving Germany.  Interestingly, both families eventually moved to the same general area in north-central Wisconsin.

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And, interestingly, it would have been my maternal grandfather's 104th birthday on Saturday.  My honey-on-his-Cheerios grandpa, he died at age 58 when I was 6.  I made an apple kuchen yesterday from grandma's recipe and wondered how many times she might have made it for him on his birthday.  An autumn staple when we were growing up, I hadn't made it in a long time, myself, and the recipe is of the very vague variety -- a list of ingredients with an indication of quantity (most), with the most minimal direction, an oven temperature but no clue as to timing.  I liked it, but now I'm on a quest for traditional kuchen -- and wonder how (or if) my aunts make it.

I had too many apples for the kuchen, so DH also made a pie.  Busy in (and warming) the kitchen, I made my last batch of roasted tomato sauce.  I'd cut up and frozen some tomatoes a while back when I knew I wouldn't get to them in time.  I mostly thawed them, poured off some (but not all) of the liquid, roasted as usual, and then pureed a portion of it to stir in and thicken the rest... which was a wee bit thicker than usual, anyway, due to the pouring-off.

There was football with pizza yesterday, as is tradition, then all the girls at the table for dinner before they all scattered for the week.  It really is a wonderful world.

Have a great week!


Steph VW

When I was a kid I went through a pile of allergy tests and my parents were told that I shouldn't eat as much refined sugar as I was. (Come on! I was at the drugstore every day after school - of course I had to have a chocolate bar!) I was, however, allowed to use honey on my cereal. One of the pharmacists at my dad's store had a few beehives and we would buy honey from him specifically for me. I LOVE honey on Cheerios. Yum. Your grandpa was a wise man.


Your sky pictures awe and amaze. They speak to me loudly about how truly wonderful our world is. My weekend evolved around food, friends and knitting.


I'm glad you had a full and fun weekend. You photos today are so dramatic! Love 'em!

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