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Hi.  I'm an overweight (thank you, menopause and quitting smoking), 51-year-old, bakery-loving, chocolate-hoarding, not-so-much-with-the-exercising (why can't knitting and photography* be more cardio-vascular?), woman who birthed three children -- I'm sure I need not elaborate further, you get the picture -- and I rode 25 miles on my bike yesterday!!

Along with (actually, lagging behind the whole way) Katie, I took part in the 24th Annual Best Friends (of Neenah-Menasha) Gourmet Bike Tour.  Twenty-five miles is my longest distance, so far, and considering that I took my first ride three weeks ago, that's really nothing short of freakin' amazing!  I say so!!

You can bet, I took special notice of the 14.3-mile mark and gave myself a mental high-five -- that's the distance for my bike leg of the triathlon relay coming up in three weeks!

I stopped five times -- twice for water and cookies (one each time -- I might have resisted had I not spied the Snickerdoodles), once for only water, and twice to take photos.  I carried the camera in a Slingshot backpack the whole 25 miles, too.  (I'm working on a separate post about carrying the camera.)

We started just before 9 a.m. on a gorgeous morning and finished at just about noon -- right next to some folks checking in upon completion of the 55-mile route.  Granted, they started a bit earlier than us -- and it wasn't a race in any way, shape, or form -- and holy frick, I just SURVIVED RIDING 25 MILES -- but I'm pretty sure that we'll be doing the 55-mile route next year, if not the 75-.

*Actually, photographing a toddler can be a darn good workout!


gale (she shoots sheep shots)

Brava for you! Inspiring--and nice photos, too.


The camera!? That's quite a feat in its self, but grrrrl, YOU ROCK!!! Woohoo!!


Fantastic! Hooray for you, Vicki!


I lurk here everytime you post. I so excited for you and I just saying "You GO Woman, Hear you roar!"

I am mid-west transplant to Southeast, your photos may me long for the prairies. The Smokies are beautiful --- but not good biking for an over 60 exsmoker (and everything else you said)such as myself. We gave it up when we moved here. But you keep on moving to the 75!


Vicki, you are awesome! Cycle on, you fabulous thing you.


Yay Vicki!!


You rock, woman!

Julia in KW

Most impressive! How do you determine what routes And do you bike with a group or by yourself? (I am a lurking couch potato, who is trying to get a little more active, and who is, as noted before, very impressed with your accomplishments!) Congrats!


Oh, yeah! Feels good, doesn't it? To be an ACTIVE 51-year-old who likes . . . life! I'm so excited for you. :-)


Wow! Congrats! I'm trying to work up to long bike rides and I am in awe of you! And you took lovely pictures along the way too. Is there anything that you can't do?


You are doing great - a 25 mile ride is nothing to laugh at, keep adding a mile or two whenever you can and the weather allows and remember to stay hydrated, drink every 10 or 15 minutes. I am a 52 yr old who bikes about 80-100 miles per week, each time I'm out I realize that I pay more attention to my surroundings and notice things and appreciate them! Enjoy the ride - it's about the journey, not the destination!

Lori on Little Traverse Bay



I'm a bit younger and have birthed one less kid, but the rest could apply to me too! Congratulations, Vicki - that's awesome!!!!

Judy Blum

Wow Vicki, that is AMAZING!! You are an inspiration to us!


WOW! 25 miles!!! Makes me tired just to think about it. Congratulations!!!!!!


Every time you post about cycling it is raining here and I am driving instead - and you're making me feel guilty. I am on my feet 9-12 hour days lately, though, so I shouldn't feel so bad.
You are going great guns, Vicki. Looks like you have found your sport. Are you considering snow tires, for you know..?

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