Fabulous Friday

Yarn ball boogie

Magical, mystical, mystery yarn balls!



A participant in Theresa's Magic Yarn Ball Swap, I received my magic yarn ball parcel in the mail on Monday -- from Sheila in PA, two balls of yarn wrapped in pink tissue.  Temptation was killing me -- but, because I hadn't yet mailed mine, I allowed myself to unwrap only one of -- a ball of soft, beautiful, green yarn and had "spring" written all over it!


After all my running around yesterday, I put my package together -- along with two others that were due or overdue, and they should all be posted today -- and unwrapped the second magic yarn ball. 


I'd expected the second to be the same as the first, but Oh, my.!

I most definitely have an idea in mind for these two.  I couldn't be happier with the yarn -- finding the little baubles wrapped within while I knit will, truly, be magical.  Thank you, Sheila!

* * * * *

The Baktus scarf shown yesterday is still soaking, as we speak, and I hope to pin it out tonight.  I will photograph it again so that the changes I made to the shape are more easily seen, and also talk about those changes and the yarn in a little more detail.  The scarf should be ready for wearing by Sunday -- Super International Pajama Day!  It looked so great in the snow, it ought to look fabulous with one of my white nightgowns.



Last weekend I bought a "treasure ball" from the LYS. The color selection wasn't great but the idea of finding goodies inside, as I knit, was just too much. You'll have such fun discovering what's inside!


Gorgeous yarn AND goodies? Wow! How fun is that? Nothing like receiving a little "spring" in the mail! :-)


I love that yarn so much! So much! Do you know what it is or where it could be from?


That would make a lovely pair of striped socks! It makes me want more yarn just looking at it... :)


those colors are so gorgeous!


Yes, the colors are gorgeous, perfect spring. And I love the idea of the Baktus scarf.


What a clever, exciting idea! I can't imagine how much fun it would be to knit and discover a trinket along the way. The colors are so uplifting as we start to think will spring ever get here!


I am passing on this plea hoping that some kind yarn-aholics will offer help.

Hi All:

I am in desperate need of crochet hooks and/or yarn for a huge crochet club at school. I started it yesterday, and even with 27 hooks and skeins of yarn, I have kids waiting. I cannot invest any more (bank-o-me is already strained), so if you have any yarn especially and possibly crochet hooks, please let me know. Am willing to drive as far as Huntington and into Manhattan. Or, you can mail.


Peace, Caren [email protected]

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