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Last weekend was likely our last of the year at the lake.  We've had some memorable winter visits over the years, even celebrating Christmas there a couple of times.

As fun as it is to get away, I am very much looking forward to a weekend at home.  I have plenty of work/cleaning/organizing to do.  And I'm sure Katie could use some help.  The floors at her apartment (including a stinky process for carpet glue removal) will be done on Monday!  She plans to be completely moved in by Thanksgiving and, even with a few days for airing out, I think she'll easily make that deadline!

I may or may not have a tiny new baby in my viewfinder at some point this weekend -- very exciting -- and it's been a while.

On Saturday afternoon, I'll be attending a special event sponsored by my LYS, Iris Fine Yarns.  "Changing the World with Sticks and String: Knitting Activism Past, Present and Future" will be presented by Alison Gates, Associate Professor, Arts and Visual Design/Textiles Chair, Women's and Gender Studies, UW-Green Bay.  There's a link to a PDF with more information on the Iris Special Events page (click on "Registration Required") -- and, by the way, if you're local and think you might like to attend, registration for this free event is required (registration deadline was last Saturday, but I doubt they'd turn anyone away).

I'd sure like to cook something this weekend -- the girls gave me a gigantic covered skillet for my birthday and I've yet to use it!  I've wanted one for years, and even more with all the cooking I was doing recently (until VERY recently).

Well, I'll be back tomorrow -- doin' this NaBloPoMo thing, you know!



The lake looks beautiful and desolate. You capture it so well.


Your lake photos look so familiar -- could have been taken here in Polk County.

Do you read The Pioneer Woman? She linked to this today:
Professional photos of a newborn, still attached to the mom in some. Awesome. (Although perhaps not to everyone's taste.)


very idyllic. the richness of the colours is just awesome.
enjoy your weekend!


Hope you have a restful, re-energizing weekend. Your images are beautiful. (Hurray for big skillets... and the time to use them.)

Melissa V.O.

Great photos, you gave me my Midwest tree fix. These Western trees over my way just aren't very familiar to me.


You are a wonderful photographer Vicki and I always enjoy looking at your pics. They have been a real pick me up on some of my darker days. Thank you.


Pictures are wonderful, as expected. I'm enjoying a new cast-iron, porcelain covered Dutch Oven. Haven't had one in 20 yrs or more - this ia a heavy fella, and will be great for winter soups and stews and chili and such. Odd that we get such enjoyment out of a utensil!!??

steph VW

I love your photos! I can almost hear the leaves underfoot and smell the crisp air.

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