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We are family

I consider it a success to have photos of all five of us with... all five and no one crying.


And we all have our shoes on -- both of 'em!


We even look like we're having fun, don't we?  There was a lot of goofing off!


And singing!  I don't remember what song they were belting out.  It's funny to look at all the photos in the series fast -- it's like a flip-book and you can see them swaying back and forth, even, as they sing!


We laughed.


And laughed.


I sure like being behind the camera better than being in front.


We had such a great weekend.  We'll be doing it again real soon.


I stopped to have lunch with Maddy on the way up on Friday, and then connected with Sharon and Ann (but not before giving Annie the wrong directions and cursing the state for changing the names of the frickin' highways all the time) (etc.).  We met at Hancock Fabrics where Sharon chose a few more fabrics for the sewing project, and then to Target for last-minute supplies (chocolate) and games!

Michael had driven up much earlier in the day and had plenty of time for a nap before our arrival.  I roasted some potatoes in the oven and he grilled rib-eye steaks as big as our heads for dinner.  The four of us had a nice evening and went to bed early.

Annie made omelets for breakfast on Saturday (she does breakfast and brunch so well!) and then we took a short walk 'round the neighborhood.  The sewing machine came out and we spent the morning cutting, pinning, and sewing.  After a quick lunch we all took a nap!  I can't remember the last time I took an afternoon nap -- it was wonderful!

Karen arrived mid-afternoon.  She made a wonderful pasta dish with roasted tomatoes while Michael fried up walleye (from Uncle Jim's freezer -- Thanks Jimmy!) for dinner.  Yum!

We gabbed and talked and laughed.  And drank wine.  And played Catch Phrase!  We completely forgot about using the board, and at first we played with the timer but soon gave that up and just played as a group, passing the thingy to the first person to get the Catch Phrase.  And drank wine!

The Breakfast Queen made us whole-grain pancakes for breakfast on Sunday.  We traipsed over to the old family cabin (currently for sale), peeked in the windows and dissed all the changes.  Really, hot running water, indoor plumbing, a furnace?  Heh.  It's the removal of certain walls and elimination of sacred (to us) features, areas, rooms that diminish the updates in our eyes.  We are most certainly biased.

We cleaned the place up, leaving it better than we found it, and hit the road for home!  So much fun.  I can't wait for next time.



What wonderful, fun photos! I am glad for you and your sibs to have that time together.


Great family in wonderful (as usual) photos!

Every time you blog about your siblings you make me sorry I have only one of those :)

Geek Knitter

Singing and belly laughs... you all look so happy together!


what great pictures Vicki! it's nice to see the faces attached to the names!


What great photos! Your sisters look like you :-)


I think it's wonderful that you had such a good time together.


Love the pictures of you all together. You didn't know the song or just didn't want to sing along. Everyone looks so good and so happy.


Love the photos! Such special time together! Such memories! Such fun! SUCH GREAT FOOD! :D


Such a treasure of a weekend together.
Special beyond words.


Beautiful post Vicki. The photos are amazing and really capture the relationship you all have with each other. The memories and the shared times are what it's all about.


What wonderful photos! It looks like you had a terrific time!

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