A Tuesday Ten

Big day


As of yesterday, Alison owns both the coffee shop and the building it's in.  To say I'm a proud mama is just the tip of this happy mama iceberg.  We -- the girls, us, our whole family -- are in the midst of a big transition period, one we've been waiting on for quite a while.  Everyone's prepared, doing what they're supposed to be doing, and the dominoes are finally falling -- I'm rather enjoying this like I do that -- the speed has quickened and soon the dust will settle.  And then we'll start again.  Heh.  Well, this has been a long time coming -- begun even before taking over operations in February.  There were doubts and tears and many frustrations -- I guess it wouldn't be any fun if it was easy.

I'm exhausted!!

It's a busy Wednesday, too.  Spent some time with Mom today and running some errands, and spent a lot more time than intended with my new dentist (it's my own fault - ouch!); I'm also doing laundry and packing up some orders to ship, plus my car is getting new tires and an oil change!

I'm looking forward to some knitting this evening -- I started a new project yesterday!



Congratulations to Allison! I feel like we've gone through this process right along with you all and I'm so proud of her.


Congratulations to Alison and the whole family too and Good luck with her own business and building :)

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

Great news- congratulations to all!


May she have nothing but success.


That is just amazing and wonderful and such an accomplishment for such a young person. All joys and, well, let's be honest -- there WILL be headaches -- but may the joys far outweigh the headaches. A toast to Alison!!!!!

Lab Cat

Congrats to Alison and good luck to her too. It is a very exciting adventure that you are all on and I love reading about it.


Huge congratulations and best wishes! Wow.


Congratulations! Its a big deal to get that kind of commercial transaction done in this market.


Yay, Allison!

steph VW

Oh, the things you find when you take the morning to catch up on blog reading.

Congratulations Allison! What great news!

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