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Sunday Road Trip, continued



I am pretty sure I wouldn't feel the same about the Lake Michigan shoreline if it weren't also for the farms.  It's what I love about my favorite side of Lake Winnebago, too.  There are some similarities in what I love about large bodies of water and farmland -- the openness of the sky, the expanse of water/land, the waves, the interesting constructions (hello, outbuildings!) and specialized vehicles -- put them together and I'm feelin' a little bit of heaven.  (I almost wrote "heavin'," but no, not that exactly.)


We drove up to Kewaunee.  I'd never been there before and it was intriguing, so I took a right on one of the main streets and drove toward the water.  We happened upon Hamachek Hall, part of Hamachek Village, all part of Kewaunee Renaissance.  Hamachek Hall is huge.


On the lake side of Hamachek Hall is a most beautiful scene.



The little yellow house can be used for many things.  It seems it's mostly used for weddings.


My first choice would be for one of the girls to get married in Greece, a la "Mamma Mia," complete with singing and dancing on the way in, "So Happy Together" on the way out.  The singing and dancing happens no matter where the wedding takes place.  I am still having daydreams about that old greenhouse in Stevens Point.  The little yellow house at Hamachek Village in Kewaunee, Wisconsin, has been added to the list.  It could definitely work (and be much LESS work than the greenhouse).  Haha.  Oh, the way my mind just takes off sometimes!

This is perfect, though, isn't it?  Fling open those doors and let the light and the lake breeze in?  Fill the place up with friends and family?  Have a little party?


Our last stop on the way home was in Dyckesville at the Frosty Tip!  The highway has been re-routed around town, now, and I'm sure that business has suffered, but there was a good bit of coming and going while we were there.  I love how Katie's checkin' out the cute little Mercedes while bringing me my cone.  It was a super yummy ice cream cone, too; I haven't had one in ages!



Great photos! Getting out into those rural areas is just one of my favorite things. I guess I lived on the farm long enough that it will never get out of my system.


When traveling we always look for the local burger/cafe. You get a real feel of a town that way and the food is so much better than the big boxes. Love your dream of the little yellow house! It would create a magical event!


OMG, that truly IS a little bit of Heaven. I love that little yellow house. STOP with the weddings on the brain, will ya?! :D


I can't say for sure, but it's just a hunch that this is NOT AT ALL the experience of travelling through Wisconsin that my sister and her family are having right now!! I think I'm having a better experience of it and I haven't left Minnesota!

Account Deleted

the little yellow house is breathtaking...i love the open fields in the first photo!


The photo of the pier and lake took my breath away!

Jennifer Jackson

Thanks for that lovely heartfelt nostalgia. That first picture nearly had me in tears - it's the sort of midwest farm picture that always makes me think of my Mom. Thanks!


Marvelous photos, Vicki, and the feelings they conjure.

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