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Mural update

Time for a mural update!  I still haven't made it over there on a Monday -- the big weekly work day; hopefully, next week.


I took a couple of other photos -- surprisingly, not a one of my favorite begoggled swimmer boy -- check 'em all out in my Flickr Mural Set.

Thank you for your kind words yesterday.  Blogging has certainly enriched my life and brought me some wonderful, supportive, and generous friends.


I missed the best of the evening light by exactly two minutes last night.  These particular hydrangea bushes -- right smack in front of my house, I might add -- are loaded with flowers but not particularly big; in fact, they are quite small.  So I missed the best of the light, but was determined to try to catch as much as I could as it faded and first squatted, then crouched, touched one knee to the ground, then the other, then my butt, an elbow... I try not to think about the neighbors 'til I pick myself up and dust myself off.  It's pretty, though, isn't it?

I'm thinking of making a card, a set of cards, a series of prints -- it's still formulating -- but a special and distinctive series of images to sell on Etsy designating some or all of the profit to the American Cancer Society or a local women's health organization... something.

It's the time you have, not the time you want.  (Thanks Kate!)



Beautiful. I'm expecting my own personal slide show of the mural tonight when the girls get back from Wisconsin. Count me in on some cards - lots!


Cards would be beautiful and way we could all feel we were doing something, anything to help others.


This is a FABULOUS photo!!!!!!!!


That photo is stunning.


The photo is super and the mural is going to be spectacular. I'll keep watching.

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