Mural update!


That went pretty quick, didn't it?

Knitting first:

Transversing the hydrangeas

Transverse in the hydrangeas... making the rounds in the garden.

At the half-way point in this project, I've been thinking about what might be next -- and wasn't really coming up with anything.  Until yesterday.  Yesterday, I was poking around Ravelry a little bit and reading some blogs and I found Michelle's Tattoo-less Kimono Shrug and instantly knew what would be happening next!  Michelle mentioned that Danielle Wilson's pattern was available as a Ravelry Rav_link download and kindly provided linkage and the next thing you know, I was at Iris Fine Yarns on my way home last night, pattern in hand, mulling over yarn choices (and showing off Tranverse).  I left empty-handed because I'm still mulling... and I should at least take a peek at the stash!

We had a good, long, soaking rain yesterday.  When I was finished with the knitting in the garden, I took a walk around the yard.

On the steps

I loved this mop-top, spent clematis flower!

Fuzzy spent clematis

I think Mom's back from Italy, but she hasn't resurfaced yet... with all the travel and jet-lag, I figured I'd let her find her groove.  Mack & Addison are coming today for a short visit!  Apparently, Addison has been singing "Happy Birthday" to ME for the past week and was also quite loud and insistent yesterday about going "to Vick's TODAY"!  Yippee!



Your walks in the garden create such beautiful eye candy.


I love the garden. And your pictures. You're so talented. And the Transverse is gorgeous. Such a pretty, subtle yet happy color.

I've been catching up on your archives lately so back to reading...


In your opinion, would fingering weight yarn (sock yarn that turns out to felt so not suitable for socks) work for this scarf? I have the right yardage. Yours is beautiful!


Transverse looks so lovely!!! Marvelous garden shots.

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