Green for good measure

Six of five

Square1 Square3 Square2




A couple of these grew a bit -- the ones with garter stitch -- they're about a half-inch too long; easily fixed with a quick rip and binding off again.  There are six now.  I'm planning one or two more by the end of the weekend.

Next up:  As seen at Celia's last week, Code Pink: A Radical Act of Knitting in Honor of Mother's Day!  I happen to have the perfect shades of both pink and green in the stash, and in the correct proportion -- I plan to knit five pink and one green.  These need only be 4-inch squares.  Let's see if I can manage it.

I've been ignoring the weather as much as possible -- except for the part about enjoying the sunshine and the warm today, with the occasional exclamation about how unlikely it seems that we could have five inches of snow on the ground tomorrow -- and my strategy appears to have worked.  Heh.  It looks like, all told and at most, we'll see maybe two inches of snow.  That ought to melt away right quick.  As long as I was checkin', I did peek ahead to Wednesday (my day off) and was happy to see 46F + sunshine.

I hope your weekend is going well.



Beautiful squares. Snow is just so WRONG in April.


The new header is great! Can't do anything about the weather so I ignore it, too. Having the 100"+ in the mountains this week has made the continuing winter weather ok with me.


Nice squares! I woke up to snow this morning -- we've got a couple inches and it's still falling. Ugh. No matter how long I've lived in Vermont, the April snows still "surprise" me. The rest of our week looks dire, too -- the worst mix of rain, wind, sleet, CRAP.


Snow on the ground this a.m. here, but only an inch or so. So far. Ugh. But I will knit some pink and a green square -- thanks for the link. (I didn't have any soft blue yarn for Luke's quilt, so I am glad another opportunity came along.)


I like the header, Vicki. Lovely squares. There's a bit of snow in the air down here but nothing is staying yet.


What beautiful photos of the squares! You have such a good eye, Vicki. We've had plenty of sunshine - I feel like a sunshine hog over here - but it has been terribly windy which doesn't help much. Hope you get some vitamin D soon!

theresa/t does wool

love the new header...and all the blue knits...striking,really.

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