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Ali's back


Ali started Saturday with her first haircut in nearly a year.  Katie and Maddy both had hair appointments on Saturday, too!  They haven't all three had their hair cut on the same day since I was in complete control of such things -- it's been a while.  Ali & Maddy mutually agreed to break a pact they'd made to NOT cut their hair until Maddy's graduation -- they made it to within a few months and resisted many previous urges, so I commend them for the resolve.


We put in about 8 hours on Saturday -- cleaning, patching, cleaning, prepping, cleaning, priming.  Did I mention cleaning?  As of Monday morning, Ali took over management of the coffee shop where she worked when she was in high school, and where Maddy currently works.  We spent the weekend spiffing, organizing, painting, and redecorating.  This is me at around midnight on Sunday after 14 hours on my feet -- I think I sat down for a total of 10 minutes all day -- ohmygod, my feet have NEVER been so sore!  I had to ask DH to drive home because they were too sore to step on the gas -- that says it all, because my preferred spot is behind the wheel.

Ali's back 

Far out.  It really is.  A long time coming -- so much planning and work.


This is also at about midnight on Sunday night.  She looks tired, but so happy and excited.  She will continue to put her mark on this thing as it all evolves and begins to reflect her vision and personality -- there are subtle changes by the hour.


I sat down with knitting last night for the first time all weekend.  Sailing along on a very simple project, really, with only a couple of XO cables to keep track of... and here I am, concentrating hard while dropping down a few rows to fix a couple of those XO cables.  They were fixed before bedtime.  I crawled in at about 11:00, and had the worst night's sleep I think I've ever had.  I'm upright and responding today, typing (hopefully making some sense), moving forward, so far so good.



A life full of hurry, but you all look happy. May your hard work pay off for Ali!!


Mazel Tov to all of you!! I know how long you've all been working on this and I wish Ali all the success in the world!!!


Well my sincere congrats to Ali! What a marvelous adventure to be starting on and building towards the future!

Wanda in AR

Congrats to Ali. Wishing you wonderful success in the world.


Way to go Ali!! What a great family affair....


Woo hoo Ali! I'll take a mocha latte to go -- all the way to Kansas City!

It's great the whole family pitched in to help, you guys are troopers.

lynne s of oz

How very exciting! I hope Ali's new career is going well :-) Maddy is working there too still?
If we are ever up that way, we will be sure to drop in - DH for a (decaf) latte and me for a peppermint tea :-)

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