It's a stripe of a different sort
Bijouterie on a whim

What think you?

Almost there

Noro Stripes

Is it working?  Do you like it?  *I* like it.  It's giving me some other ideas, too.  I'll find out in about two weeks whether the recipient likes it.

We are in for the most craptastic weather this weekend -- temperatures ranging from 1F to over 40F, which doesn't sound so bad on its own, but add precipitation and it all turns craptastic on ice.

I just firmed up my work schedule for Christmas week -- I'll work two days and then have off from Wednesday through Sunday!  That's FIVE days.  WooHOO!  Then to work for three days during New Year's week and off  for FOUR.  So, yeah, just try to wipe the smile off my face.

Happy Weekend, everyone.



It's an most excellent scarf! It works better than the plain ol' Noro striped scarf, IMO. This is a great year for Holiday Days off!


I like it - I also like the sweater you're wearing it with.... However ;) YOU look like one of the girls just ate the last snickerdoodle cookie..


For me it wouldn't work but if it works for you then go for it!
I'm taking the two weeks of Christmas and New Year's off. Yippee!


I'm thinking it will work better if the needle was removed. :-)



It looks like two different scarfs joined together. I like the striped side, though.


I love it!

It would have been fun to see you at the Packer game!

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

Liking it a lot! But then, I 'm the assymetrical sort.


I LOVE it!! It's very Seussical. XO

kay-from the back yard

Oh yes, it's beautiful! Great idea!


Yep. I still like it!

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