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It's about time... let's review: 2008

As I've done the last couple of years at this time of year, it's time for a little year-in-review -- in words (the first sentence of the first post of each month) and in pictures (one favorite posted photo from each month), not necessarily related to each other.


January:  Get your cameras ready!!

Cara Baby

February:  I was flipping through channels yesterday while cleaning up the kitchen and stumbled across a rebroadcast of the Republican debate from the night before -- it wasn't long before I flipped channels some more, but this caught my attention for a few minutes.

Hardware Store

March:  I've been savoring my weekend.


April:  I had a great time at cooking class last night.


May:  It's Saturday Sky!

Near Waterloo

June:  VIOLA, cornuta, Black Devil.

Cuteness personified

July:  Inspired.

Birds Fly

August:  Continuing a very busy weekend, I'm on my way to Madison today in a borrowed van to haul the big stuff from Katie's apartment.

Red yarn

September:  Juno Regina!

Partial evidence

October:  It was a good day, especially since I was a little down in the dumps yesterday.

Three out of four

November:  I had a TERRIBLE FRIGHT!

What's in store

December:  Honest to god, I have so much more to say.



What glorious pictures! I think you have inspired me to do a review of the year, too. It looks like fun.


This is such a great way to review the year. I completely forgot about it. You have had quite a year, my friend.


Great pictures! And very entertaining with the captions.


Beautiful year in review, Vicki. Great photo selection of super photos.


Great pictures over the past year, Vicki!


What a great tradition. Love the first sentence concept and the pictures are little bundles of joy and happiness. Thanks for the ride.


Oh - your pictures. They simply say it all!!


I'm just dropping in to wish you a happy new year and to let you know though I rarely comment I'm still reading!

Happy new year to you and your family:D

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