Ten on Tuesday
It was like my whole blog flashed before my eyes!

These three...

...make me "smile in my liver."

That's one of my favorite lines from "Eat, Pray, Love." I even wrote it down on a piece of paper (rare).

Also on that piece of paper, and from that book, and fitting right here and now:

"...little girls who make their mothers live grow up to be such powerful women."

I am feelin' the power. OMG. How I love these girls. How they give me strength.

I am also LOVING this picture -- taken by my sister Sharon over the weekend as the girls were having their picture taken from another direction!



So much to be proud of and so much to love.


I see you in each one of them.


They are JUST SO GORGEOUS, and I echo what Margene said.


I don't think they got to be such wonderful young women on their own. They made you into a fabulous mother and you made them into fabulous women!

Ann K

Beautiful picture. Well, er... now that we can't see Ali's MAN HANDS. Gah! Whateverrrrr.

They are blessed as much as you are.

BTW -- My Grandmother who passed 3 years ago this Christmas always asked me, "How's your liver?" I always took it to mean... "really... deep down, how are you?" in her don't show too much emotion type way. ;) Man, I really miss her.


Great photo. Definitely sisters.


Oh sweetie.....


Just beautiful! I hope my three girls (and their little brother) grow to be such accomplished, wonderful people. I also hope they remain friends, like my brother and sister and I have.

There's a card shot for you!


Beautiful girls, inside and out, just like their mother. I too see you in each of them (and not just in the handknit scarves).

Jan Schaffer

Your girls are jsut lovely. Sharon gave me this blog to view.I like your work too.
JAN from Jetmore once upon a time. LIEBETHAL KS. NOW.


what a great photo!!
You have so much to be proud of with these wonderful women.


That's a book I particularly enjoyed too, although most of my book club did not. Glad to see someone else getting worthwhile thoughts from it.

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