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Weekend Report

Hm, I've been down this road before...  It always seems to lead me to a good time.


PineknollMy day-long knitting adventure began with a visit to Pine Knoll Llamas in Clintonville on Saturday.  My brother and his wife gave me a gift certificate for Pine Knoll at Christmas and it was time to redeem.  I spotted that sign the first time I visited my brother's house and stopped to jot down the number; I'm so happy that I was finally able to stop for a visit.

Oh my.  Great people, beautiful llamas, a couple of alpaca, adorable kittens, a lovely farm with numerous outbuildings -- it was wonderful!  Kathy gave me a tour of her Wool Room and, eventually, being somewhat of a Nosy Nellie, I managed a little tour of their beautiful home, too.  An old farmhouse (1850s did she say? give or take 10 or so... it's old) that they've opened up in the most beautiful way -- retaining, paying homage to, almost celebrating the historic elements and materials in their home's construction.  Her husband is a cabinet maker and his skill, workmanship, and attention to detail is evident in every nook and cranny (at least all the ones I poked my nose into).  He also builds stuff for Kathy, such as a gorgeous triangle loom on a beautiful easel that I should have photographed.

I did photograph some llamas:

llama llama2

That shorn one is mine -- you can see her on the left in the previous photo and, in fact, she managed to include herself in nearly every one.  It was meant to be.  Kathy will combine her fleece with a little bit of additional red -- and spin me some yarn for a shawl.  Could it get any better than this?


Well, yes, I do believe it can.  From Pine Knoll Llamas, I took a left on Knitt Road and continued to the next part of my adventure.


I crashed Knitting Camp (with permission, of course)!  Sarah Peasley, Handknitter, wrote to me a few weeks ago that she'd be going to camp and was there a way we could possibly meet up.  Given various constraints and limitations, it seemed that the best thing would be for me to drive there for some after-camp socializing!  Oh, I'm so happy that I did.  I arrived at about 4:00 and spotted Sarah almost immediately.  There was hugging and laughing and more hugging.  I was able to peruse the camp marketplace, but was overwhelmed (as usual) -- it must be the fumes -- and while I picked up and fondled numerous items, I didn't buy a thing.  And now I wish I'd taken a moment and purchased a pair of earrings I'd looked at, some pottery, even some yarn...

Oh my goodness, Amy Detjen, Cheryl Oberle, Joyce Williams... Meg had already left for the day... knitters were mingling, shopping, making evening plans.  I met Sarah's roommate Linda, the duo known as Nancy & her husband (who gave Sarah a ride to camp), and a Blogless Sharon (ha! now I have one, too!).

We knit and chatted for a while in the "living room."  The Log Cabin adaptation baby blanket was all but finished and is nearly ready to send to Texas.  Sarah helped me determine that I could, indeed, call it done.  It's a cute and very funky blanket, but... YAY!  I'm ready to move on!!

Sarah, Linda, Sharon and I had dinner at Royal Tokyo Teppanyaki & Steak House (here's a spot-on review) which is housed in the old railroad depot pictured above.  Oh my (again).  It was an excellent meal shared with the most wonderful company.  (Thank you!)  After dinner, we walked back to the camp hotel to talk while I continued watching the most amazing parade of knits -- shawls, vests, sweaters, scarves.  A lace rib warmer vest that was the most awesome confection I've ever seen.  Truly.  And then, too soon, it was time to leave -- but given some of the things that transpired last week, Sunday was jam-packed and I had to make Knitting Camp a day trip.

Yeah, well, so now, you know how this one turns out... one can hardly visit camp without wanting to be there roasting marshmallows, too!!



I bet you had a fabulous time!


It sounds heavenly and well deserved!


Is there anything sweeter than llama faces? And be glad you were just visiting *after* knitting camp. Had you actually been privileged to attend The Real Thing I would have been forced to open up a big ol' can of jealousy on you (when I attempted to register way last winter it was already closed).


Oh how much fun! I'm so glad you went and shared your time with us! Love the llama shots!


Just the perfect knitting adventure! :)

Nancy J

SO glad to meet you at camp! Now you just have to come next year!
--the duo known as "Russ and Nancy"

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