ABC-Along 2008 Schedule
Today: Friday (hallelujah!)

A new foundation

When you open your underwear drawer each day and make your choice based on stretchiness of the waistband, it's time to go shopping.  One size larger.  White and subdued colors -- and even prints!  I feel like a new (more comfortable) woman.  Great way to start the new year: I resolve to be comfortable.

F is for foundation.  U is for underwear.  ABC-Along 2008 sign ups continue through January 19th (see the previous two posts for details).  It's going to be fun.  I will continue working on sending out invitations and will be working on a blogroll, but it's back to work today.  P is for paycheck.  ; )



I swear, since I got pregnant, I've bought at least fifty new pairs of underwear. Craziness!


F is for funny, too. Which this post is, by the way.


I said the same thing 2 months ago and bought 3 new pants. Now I've been sick long enough to loose 10 lbs. Never can win.


Happy new wear! An ABC Along! Great! I was a fairly new blogger when Anne's was going, so I missed out on it. It's much more fun with the experience though-woohoo!


I'll bet you have lots and lots of signups for the 2008 ABC incarnation. People had SUCH fun photos!




Yup. I finally admitted to myself that I needed the larger size. And cotton. C is for Comfortable.


You know, I was just thinking about you today because I was at the Sow's Ear, using my frequent-buyer card and thinking "There are 100 points on this card. What am I going to do with it when I move?" Do you want it? I mean, in a few months if there are any points left on it?

I'm joining your KAL--I just added you as a contact on flickr. thanks! sounds like great fun.


Pictures! We want pictures! Of your granny pants. Heeeheeeeee.


Prints??!! OMG, PRINTS. :-) I know the feeling.

Very funny post.


Whether for larger, smaller, or just for some with not-worn-out elastic, few things improve your day more than new, comfortable underwear. Add new bras that fit right and you can conquer the world. A is for a good Attitude, and Adjustable straps.


LOL I have so been there.


Funny post, Vicki!!! It is true that no matter how old your outside clothes are, a new set of underwear can make you feel like a million. Personally, I buy them more than the outside clothes simply because I can get them to fit and the outside clothes always have to be altered---same thing with shoes! ;)


Hee hee. You can join Sheepish Annie in the Joy of New Underpants Brigade.

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