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The eyes are the mirror of the soul


...or so they say.  The eyes also have it.  There's eye candy.  You may believe in "an eye for an eye."

Scott2_2These are (some of) the "EYES OF THE ARTIST," photographer Scott Edwards' current show at Main Street Art Works in tiny (quaint and cute) Hilbert, WI.  Scott's subjects are all local artists, some of them members of MSAW, many of them in attendance at last Friday's opening.  It was quite interesting to witness their reactions, as none had seen their portraits prior to the opening.  Mostly, they were stunned, dazed, and amazed.

They're simply awesome.  Insightful, compelling, expressive, mysterious, mesmerizing.  A statement by the artist accompanies each portrait.

Hilbert is way out of they way for nearly everyone who may happen upon these pages, but maybe... you never know.  It's worth the drive if you're in the area.  Maybe you're looking for something to do this weekend -- or next weekend!  Next weekend, when you've had your fill of turkey and it's time to entertain the company.  Or you want to do some not-at-the-mall holiday shopping.  There's plenty of art for sale.  ; )  Scott's show will be up through November, into December a bit.  The Village Hearthstone Restaurant (right down Main Street) is a great place to refuel before heading home (or elsewhere).

U-Rah-Rah.  TGIF.  On Wisconsin.



Those portraits are stunning. And mesmerizing. And quite haunting.
TGIF, indeed, my dearie!


The guy on the orange wall looked at first like a serial killer - but then you said they were all artists so now I'm not afraid of him!!

Teresa C

I wish I could go. Maybe if I have some free time this weekend, I'll hop on a plane......


I was thinking the 'guy on the orange wall' looked a little like my husband when he had facial hair, and then I read Deb's comment!!
It's those intense artist's eyes....
Only a four-hour drive from me, but sadly, I have no other reason to be up in that neck of the woods. Looks cool.


Wish you were closer. Looks like a great exhibit.

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