In the company of squares
I bought yarn

Sheep & Wool in New York



Tunis, pictured at top, was the featured breed last year, I believe.  I'm partial to the redheads, you know.  I don't think I even knew there was a featured breed the first year I went to Rhinebeck -- they were all stars in my book.

I think I ate more at this festival, and definitely drank more -- continuing the tradition, begun last year, of draining beer kegs everywhere I go.  The weather was perfect -- for t-shirts and tank tops.  It was not really sweater weather -- oh, there were plenty of woolens on the fairgrounds, but I don't know how they did it.  I'd have melted, for sure.  I wore Williamsro to dinner on Saturday night because it was a little bit cool outside, but otherwise...  Do you know how much space two wool sweaters take up in a suitcase?  I could have used that space!

Pictures and more tomorrow -- you can check my few shots on Flickr in the meantime.  It's going to take me a while to catch up around here.



How fun to see the pictures of sheeps and friends! Can't wait to hear more.


No better roommate exists!!!!!


I am sorry I missed you at Rhinebeck, Vicki! It would have been so fun to meet up with you...maybe next year as you continue your tradition?


Can't wait to see what you brought home. Love the sheep.

Mary in Boston

Glad you got home safely. It was wonderful to see you and say Hi! Love the pictures, and can't wait to see your stash enhancement purchases. ;-)


I'm glad you had a good time!


Honey, get yourself some travel size Space bags (no vacuum needed!) They really work. And not just for transporting sweaters to Rhinebeck, but for transporting the haul back to WI ;)
Can't wait to see the pictures.. and again, bummed we didn't get to talk later in the day!


How did you ever get him to pose just so for that picture. He's quite lovely!


I miss you!


Beautiful animals. I grew up with goats and have always been fond of the mid-sized 4-legged farm animals.


Cute sheepie pics, glad you had fun and looking forward to seeing what you bought.


More pictures? But I love the sheep pictures! I'm sure you had a great time, year, I am determined to get to Rinebeck, just so I can meet you!


Welcome Back!
Off to Flickr to check out the pictures

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