Smitten + Mitered + Mittens = Smiterittens

Saartje's Sleeping Bag


Saartje's Bootees (pdf) are still too big for Addison.  Mack's making good use of them while Addison's feet grow.

Night-night, sleep-tight.  I need to go find a bootee to crawl into... I'm pooped!


Cindy B

Awww . . . they are so cute! You do make the most beautiful booties. I still remember those Debbie Bliss ones that you made w/o the ears.

kathy b

Those booties are soooo cute, in the waiting. A very clever lady knit them up! I have a friend working on the same pattern.


I still love these booties!
I should send you an email about my booties - but am hijacking your comments instead ;)
My new nephew was born earlier this week & his booties have been unraveled again (user error with the m1's) That aside - can you tell me which size you made & give me some hints on how you made the yarn tail work for the button hole - I'm stumped as to how to make it look good.


Those are too cute and what a great use for them while they wait. =)


oh I love it how he coordinated the colours of the guest sleeper to the bootie!


How cute are those?


Aww, so cute!


I am convinced they are not really made for babies! LOL

Mine are waaaay too big as well!


I just love those booties!

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