Sheep & Wool in New York
New Mittens!

I bought yarn

Autumn1 Brooks1

Autumn2 Brooks2

...but I didn't buy very much of it!  These are plenty different in fiber content, but awfully similar in color, don't you think? The intended purpose is pretty much the same for both hanks, too. 

On the left is Shantung Silk from Autumn House Farm in the color called "agate."  It will become a shawl with an AHF pattern that I purchased -- as soon as I can get my hands on some 19US needles (yikes!), I'm not sure I have any that size.

On the right is Macero from Brooks Farm Yarn, a superwash wool-viscose-silk blend that is also destined to be a shawl with a BFY free pattern (pdf).  Big surprise, huh?  There may be enough to also make a scarf.

There's a teeny tiny bit more -- some mittens to knit, some mittens to share -- but I'm a bit distracted this morning.  There was a Vicki/Saturn sandwich on the highway during the morning commute.  I'm fine, they're fine, we're all fine -- and besides a bent tail pipe on the vehicle in front of me, the other two cars suffered only scratches and are fine -- but my car is not so fine.  It can be driven -- well, let's say I drove it to work, since it wasn't that far -- but it's got scratches and broken stuff and a chunk missing and bends in parts that aren't really bendy.  I have an appointment with the drive-through claims adjuster tomorrow morning -- Yes, I'd like an Egg McM*ffin with that -- and we'll just have to see.  The guys at work thought $2K, easy.  I'm not sure my car is worth a whole bunch more than that.

Time out.



The yarn is gorgeous! Thank goodness you're ok. My favorite car ever was lost in such an accident (my fault) and I'm still sad. Hope yours pulls through!


Happy to hear that you're ok but the accident is lousy.
The yarn is beautiful. Those colors are great.


Oh no! I'm so sorry that happened.


Bummer Vicki! Glad your ok though. Its shocking how little accidents can rack up dollars of damage. My ex ran over a rock (ok, a fairly large rock) with my car many years ago and that rock did 8K of damage!

Lovely yarns you got. I noticed that I leaned towards a color theme myself at Rhinebeck. My friend Diana did as well.

Mary in Boston

Oh Vicki! I'm glad you're okay. Cars can be fixed more easily than people. But it's still awful to have that happen. So sorry.

Love both of the yarns. Great colors!


Sorry to hear about the accident; hope it works out okay - things can get icky when you start talking totaling out cars. Sometimes it works out great (you get a check & you tape your car back together) and sometimes it works out really bad (you get a check that doesn't cover what you owe).


Cars are just cars - YOU however, are precious! Thank you for being careful with yourself. And yarn - well it's pricelss and you nade good choices. I hope it provides some comfort for you. BTW - my run in with a pole recently $10K and still counting!


Oh NOOOOO!!! I'm so glad you are okay though.


Glad that you are okay.


Oh my! I'm glad you are okay!

And the yarn, it is lovely!

Steph VW

There must be something in the air, because I just read about another blogger whose car is a little worse for wear after they hit a deer.

You ladies are making the bicycle commuter nervous!


Oh poop, car damage is so expensive but glad to hear you are okay.
Your yarns are gorgeous colours.


Yikes! I'm glad you and everyone else is okay, but that is really too bad about the car. I hope you get some kind of good news from the adjuster.

Lovely yarn!


I'm so very glad you're okay, other than shaken up, I'm sure. I wish cars healed from their owies, but they don't, do they?
Nice yarn!
Speaking of nice yarn, I'm heading to Madison Friday and will have a day free. Do you know any don't-miss yarn shops in the Madison area? I have a new LYS to pass on for the Wisconsin list, also:
Ewetopia in Viroqua, here's their website:
I was there Monday and it's a great shop. I will post details as soon as this nasty virus that's kicking my butt lets up a little (it started coming on as I drove back from the shop....)
Hang in there. The car thing is just one more thing you didn't need right now, eh?


I am so glad to hear you are fine ---- but your poor car! poor you, what a pain in the ass to deal with this now.


furthermore, I feel so badly that I won't even fight you for the priest. You can have him.


Dude. I'm a bad skimmer today. I read sandwich egg mcmuffin and went and had another breakfast.

So glad you're okay! Freaking idiot drivers!

Kathy W

I'm so glad you're okay.

I love that yarn. Those are colors that work for me. I like handpainted but give me earthier colors.


I would have liked 2 breakfasts this morning too but am so glad you are okay. Love your yarn choices.


Mmmmm, Brooks Farm yarn, my favorite! Sorry to hear about your "incident". I say only fix the funcitonal stuff and drive the car with the bumps and booboos showing. But then, I am cheap and drive an old clunker until it dies a slow painful, hissing death. No image cars for me, just honest transportation. You do however have a bit more weather to have to drive through than I do though. Best of luck.


I'm glad you're Ok! Accidents are so scary, no matter how "little".


It was very nice to meet you--I'm going to remember that priest forever and ever. But I'm so sorry to hear about your poor car. :(


Ooh so sorry to hear about the accident. I'm glad everyone is ok. Metal is way easier to replace than flesh;)

Nice yarn. My haul was small but quality this year too. Great seeing you again. Maybe next year we'll get to hang a bit more!


Oh No! I hate car accidents! Glad to hear you are all O.K.

Pretty colors in that yarn.


Dayum, Vicki. It's just that kind of "little" accident on the first day back from a trip that got me out of my car and on the bike.


Oh no! Glad to hear that you are ok.

The yarns are very pretty. Love the colors. They are perfect for this time of the year.


I'm glad you were not hurt in your little mishap. Love the yarn!!!


What an awful start to the day! You're wool is lovely, though. You'll need a little of that two-needle action today to calm your nerves.


I am sorry about your car; but really, you are what matters. I am glad you are okay. I am also glad that you got some of the masacero which I was really tempted by but did not get, as it was not on my list. I am going to live vicariously through you as you knit it up...

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