One small step
By the light of an overcast morn

Let's make this quick!

LlamabuttMonday's are not good...  In a nutshell, most of my weekend plans were usurped by the almost-two-year-old pictured at right.  In fact, Mack is so close to two that we even had celebratory birthday cake!  We played cars and bulldozed some dried beans and played with a bunch of rocks and sang songs and just had fun!  I was absolutely tickled that he was sporting the llama shirt that I bought at Rhinebeck last year.  He was being a goofball, and the best pic I got of the shirt was the llama butt side.

It was a mostly rainy, crappy weekend weather-wise, so let's not talk about that.

I did manage to get my Quicken file reconstructed into March, so there's only April, May and the tiny bit of June left to go.  Believe you me, I've made some manual backups along the way.

Before the little guy came, I did my craft/fabric/hobby store run and that was a lot of fun.  I didn't do a darn thing with it -- except wash some denim that I bought for the vest pattern, neither of which was even on my radar -- but I'm ready.  After reading Julia's recent post, I also picked up some sewing machine oil and that will be done before anything else!

Yeah, once that machine gets going again, there's the bag to finish, a batik print top to sew, and now a denim vest!

I finished the Ultra Silk swatch -- I did several repeats of the "Vine Lace" pattern, then a little stockinette, then I buckled down and figured out the "pebble stitch" described in the original pattern, then a little more stockinette.  I started the "Double Wing, Openwork Version" using the Summer Tweed last night.  I've never used Summer Tweed -- I think I like it!

That's the weekend recap, except I think our TV is starting to go.  "Oceans Eleven" had some "texture" the other night.  And I'm hoping for improvement in the weather this week -- so.very.tired of the rain.



I'm glad you got some nice time with Mack this weekend.


Did you have Mack all to yourselves? As for Ocean's Eleven, with all those hotties in it, it has texture even if your TV isn't on the fritz!

pamela wynne

Great t-shirt! I hope your TV recovers quickly! :)


Oh, texture on the telie, time to upgrade?


I am struggling with Mondays lately, too. Maybe it's just the time of the year...I only want to be having summertime fun.. and work and chores just drag me down!

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