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Isn't it amazing how someone you've never met, someone you know only by reciprocal blog-reading and the exchange of an occasional email, can get it so right?  I have to say, Lynne is a gift-giver, -chooser, -tagger, -wrapper extraordinaire -- she says that gifts are her "love language" and, well, I'm sure feelin' the love!  There was just enough fiber (Lion Brand Organic Cotton! handspun!) to remind us that we're knitters, and just enough chocolate that I'm happy without guilt, but the theme for this swap was "In The Garden" and oh, my word, that "Treasure Box for My Garden" is so totally awesome... and it was only the beginning.  That little spade is actually a brooch, and the potted succulent is a candle, and there were so many special touches...  I can say "thank you" over and over, 'til I'm blue in the face, and it still doesn't express my... thanks.

One of the best parts is that this is a swap -- so I get to send something back!  The best part about gifts is giving!  I can't wait to finish my package for Lynne and send it off!!  There's just a tiny bit more to do on my project and I'm aiming to have it in the mail on the weekend.

In other news, it's Knit Night and I should be able to finish off one of my Fixations... the first footie.  I love it!  Tonight I'll find out if I can kitchener and talk at the same time.

Did I mention that Maddy got a speeding ticket on Saturday?  That was quick, huh?  It was a bit of a speed trap, but whatever... she was speeding and now she pays.  She's the first of my children to display -- get caught displaying -- a lead foot.  I have a little bit of one; my mother definitely does.  Mom used to be a surgical nurse and had to take call quite often -- many of her speeding tickets came going to or fro in the wee hours.  One time, stopped after a particularly long and rough night, she complained to the officer about his flashing lights, said that they were making her nauseous, and asked if he'd turn them off...

Go tell my girl Wendy a moving story... she needs some of that misery-loves-company lovin'.



Lynne really did 'capture' your essence perfect! I'm trying to finish up my gift swap this week, too! It's been fun to get to know someone new. It's so good to see Christine again!


Is Maddy still on her probationary (provisional?) license? Isn't it really, really bad to get a ticket then? When #2 son was at that stage [he told me much later] he was stopped by the cops three different times (speeding, missing a stop sign, and something else), but they never gave him a ticket. If they had he would have lost his license or some such thing, not to mention that WE would have pulled the car keys.

Having said all that, I also want to say that I think getting ticket or having a minor accident is the best thing that can happen to new driver. It shows them how quickly things can go wrong and, one hopes, teaches them some caution.


Lynne seems to be a particularly "gifted" gifter!

My neighbor asked me to slow down when pulling into my parking space last night. It bothers him when I "rip through." I really wish he had said something 3 years ago, I never realized that I ripped through anywhere!


What a lovely swap package. Lynne is a talented gift gather-er, for sure.

Vicki Forman

What an amazing package. It's glorious.

From one lead foot to another, please give Maddy my condolences, but let her know that I have only received ONE speeding ticket in my life. You need to learn how to go with the flow of traffic, and never be the one in front. Let the other guy get the ticket!


Lynne expresses herself so beautifully with everything she does, not the least of which is her packages filled with fiberly love and other good stuff. You received such beautiful things!

kathy b

Lynne is such a great swapper. I have swapped with her once and it was all my pleasure.

My swapper this time in garden swap is Emily from yarnmiracle. She's running the dishrag tag. We mailed our packages yesterday in a race she organized. WE are going to keep up our garden connection through the summer and fall in little ways..postcards etc


what a delightful array of photos. lovely!

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