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Dsc09888While I don't have the lighthearted glow that only new love brings, I am lit up once again.

I ASSumed a few things in regard to how this morning's service call would go, and you know what that made me.  Repairman #1 -- who was not chosen using the dart method, by the way -- came and saw and told me that they'd have to order the parts (!) and it would be about a week (!).  I was dumbfounded.  I couldn't believe that they didn't anticipate exactly what my problem would be and have the parts -- if not on the truck, at least back at the shop -- given my description and the track record of this model.

While sorting laundry on the kitchen floor through tears of aggravation, preparing for a BIG (and heavy) trip to the laundromat, trying to convince myself that the uninterrupted knitting/reading time really would make it better (failing miserably), I realized that there are other repairmen on the block.  This time I did let my fingers do the walking and the first ad I saw that said "fully stocked trucks" got the call.  Long story, a couple of hours and 1/3 the original cost of the machine later (I could have bought a brand new machine -- it crossed my mind), I'm back in business and hearing the familiar, high-pitched whir of my front-loading washer -- which, by the way, has done a very good job of felting every single woolen item I've ever put into it, and I haven't meant to felt a single one of them.

Did you see "Flat Me" (there ought to be a club, Scout, eh?) at Cursingmama's?  I was a HARLOTeer last night -- drinking beer, approving of socks, rolling in yarn, hanging out with CM and ALL THE HOT CHICKS!!  I can't wait to do it in 3-D.  Thanks you guys.  ; )



I'm so glad it worked out okay, Vicki! Cheers to the newly fixed washer.


No comment. ;-)


Hi -- I dined with the "flat you" last night...hopefully we can meet in the "3-D" sometime!



You have smart fingers!! ;-)


Gosh, you get around, err, I mean, flat, Vicki. You had a great time. :-)


I had no idea there was a flat you!!! Looks like a good time was had by all.


That is so cool that you were there -- well, sort of -- last night!


Flat Vickie was pretty cool but no substitute for the real thing.

I'm glad you got your washer fixed, by the way!


So very, very clever of CursingMama! It was lovely to have you along, but I must say, you weren't much of a conversationalist. ;)

Glad your washer is back in business!


I'm so glad you are back in business, Vicki. It's such a royal pain in the you know where to have to take things to the laundromat. Yay for the repairman!


Yea for repairmen who fix things -- and as someone who is absolutely disgusted by this disposable society we live in...thanks for going the repair route over the new washer route.


I know exactly what you mean by "We have to order the part" ( This is so you pay for an extra visit, I swear) and the "I could have bought a new machine for the cost.." Been there, been there.
But at least you ended up with clean laundry and a Virtual Good Time and I bet your edges weren't frayed at the end of the evening, either!


Yikes! That Maytag is a dead ringer for the one we just inherited from my mother-in-law. She bought it new in 2000 or 2001, barely used it, died in September 2001, and it finally got installed in my laundry room about 3 months ago. So this Maytag repair nightmare is something I'll have to look forward to? What exactly went wrong? My sweetie will fix it himself when it happenes, maybe we can buy the parts now and be prepared.


Ah, the whirrr of the front-loader. My husband thinks it sounds like a jet taking off. Crossing fingers and filing away your "there are other repairmen in the phonebook" resolution away for future issues. Happy laundering.

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