Again and again
April 22nd


Let there be peas on earth...


...and let it begin with me.

Giddy, I tell you.  I'm positively giddy.  I've been checking and and tonight I was rewarded -- my very first, my very own, baby pea sprouts.  With the prediction of a sunny, warm weekend (70F!), the fewer than half-dozen germinating sprouts will no doubt be joined by many more.  I have to do a little thing with some hooks and string for support before they get too big -- not crochet, although perhaps it would be good practice -- hahaha, crocheted chains to support the climbing peas -- because that's about the only support my hooking would provide at this point.  That reminds me of when my stepmom taught Katie & Ali to crochet a chain when they were little.  They took turns and crocheted a chain that reached from our front porch to their friends' front porch and back -- three houses down and across the street!



Grow little sprout, grow!

Mary Fran

That's so funny! My MIL taught my 6 year old to crochet a chain this past weekend. I told him about the long chain your daughters made and now he is on a mission.


Your picture made me smile this morning. Thanks!


OMG, you're a riot! Peas on earth good fill toward men and women :D You started it...A chain is all my youngest would do, it's pretty long too.


Gah, maybe MAYBE I can plant some peas this weekend. It has just been brutal here.

I love your "let there be peas on earth...and let it begin with me..."


You know the bumper stickers that say, "Visualize Whirled Peas"? Yesterday I saw one that said, "Visualize Impeachment." I liked it.

kathy b



whirled peas, please. It's too late for peas here, but soon it will be okra planting time. Love the chain story.


This post is full of happiness. It's good to hear it in your 'voice'. Go peas!

pamela wynne

SO exciting!! makes me want to go check on my seedlings...


Mmmmm, fresh garden peas...I can't wait, when's dinner?


Woohoo! Spring is here. :)


I always want to grow peas and always forget to plant them early enough Congratulations!


My dad plants peas every year, and I used to help him set up the posts-and-string contraption he'd fill the raised beds with. They were ingenious devices. When I was little, I also used to finger-knit chains out of an entire ball of cheap yarn -- long enough to wrap around the outside of our house -- so the story about your daughters made me smile. Happy spring, and hooray for sprouting peas!


I wish there was something growing in my garden...but I suppose I would have to plant something in order for that to happen. I will have to live vicariously, as my gardening skill leave much to be desired.


Fantastic picture!! PEAS!!!!

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