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Welcome to Squaresville


A square by any other is a horse with no name of a different color.

Or my mom and dad, ca. 1969-1973.

I kind of miss seeing Cara's mitered squares everyday, don't you?  A daily dose of madness never hurt anyone.

It's a good thing I started the "Tote My Granny Along" so I could make and post my own colorful squares everyday!  They're not nearly as inspired, nor am I as nuts single-minded and obsessed driven, but they are quick and colorful and fun to play with!

I tried the dustier pink and it's WAY too Pepto.  Can't have that!  The first and only time I ever took Pepto Bismol, I "got sick" anyway and, well, I'm not going to paint a picture -- you already know the predominant color.  I can't have Pepto in my purse!  The Sugar & Cream palette is rather limited in solids and there's only one other solid pink left to try -- a soft, baby pink.  If that doesn't work, I may have to echo Nova and "ix-nay on the ink-pay" altogether.

Dsc00024I'm using different yarn than specified, of course, but the same size hook and my squares are turning out a little smaller than written.  That's actually a good thing because that bag is HUGE -- which is fine for a tote but I think I might want to use this as my go-to bag this summer.

It all continues to evolve.

Tomorrow morning I'll be knitting again (seems like ages) in Joan McGowan-Michael's "Vintage Knitting" with class at the Spring Midwest Master's Seminar!  There isn't any homework for that class, so I just need to show up with needles and yarn!

I hope everyone has a great weekend.



Trust me - the madness lives on. Loving your squares. I'm so tempted to make this bag - but the hook scares me.


The colors are great! There is no room for pink in that bag...I'll have enough for us both in my bag.
Enjoy the class!

pamela wynne

love it -- no matter how modern and stylish, granny squares just can't help being *cozy*


You have a great weekend too! 85 degrees here on Sunday!!!


Hah! I like the red you used for the squares, it might dominate a pink too much though; but, of course, I am biased. I love how everyone is going crazy for squsares! Have a great weekend!


I hate to do this to you but have you seen this?

Have a great seminar!


I love the colors as they are -- a bit Victorian but lovely. And don't the best projects all evolve as we work on them? Where we end up may very well be nowhere near where we thought we were headed, but it can still be a great place to be. Have a fabulous weekend!


Great squares! Pepto pink would not go well with them. I got sick from pepto the only time I took it also. Nasty.

Have fun at your classes this weekend!


Cara's madness is especially fascinating with this miters project. The color combinations keep me coming back. :-) Have fun this weekend at the Masters.

BTW, I got sick the first time I was given P-B, too. blech.


Your squares are marvelous. What a fun project. I made granny squares back in the 60's and early 70's. Alas, nothing survives--at least in my possession. they were all acrylic and I'm sure they are still living in some landfill someplace. Thanks for viewing my pictures of a neighbor's woods. We walk there every year--she employs gardener year round to plant thousands of bulbs. She is now quite elderly, but loves to view her garden from her porch.


You could always die some S&C............

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